Ipelegeng workers discover human skull

A human skull, which was discovered in Block 7 in Gaborone by a group of Ipelegeng workers this morning has sparked suspicions that it could belong to a murdered young woman of the same neighborhood who was buried without a head last year.

Allegations were rife that the head, which was found by cleaners in a bush in Peolwane, could belong to Elizabeth Bonolo Kerekang who was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend Simon Kgowe last year August.

Kgowe was arrested since then and denied bail.

Speaking to The Voice in Block 7, a traumatised Ipelegeng Supervisor Kgomotso Gabaikanngwe said they were clearing the bush between Block 7 and 8 when one of them picked a sack with a skull.

She said at first they thought it was a mannequin, until they saw human hair on it and realized it was a woman’s skull.

They then immediately called The Police who took it.

Botswana Police Spokesperson Near Bagali confirmed the incident.

He however said that for now he could not confirm whether it was a human skull or not as their investigations have just started.

He said they took the object to the forensic lab and they are waiting for the results.

When asked if they did not link this “object’ to the missing head they have been searching for, for almost a year Bagali said only forensic report and DNA results can prove that.

“The matter was reported this morning so it is a fresh matter. Different experts have to do investigations so I will not have answers today. This is a sensitive matter and we should not jump into conclusions that might hurt the family. Let’s just wait for the results,” said Bagali.

At the time of going to press, the traumatized Ipelegeng workers were waiting for counseling from social workers.

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