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When he posts his videos on social media, they go viral and attract thousands of laughing viewers within a short space of time making him one of the country’s leading feleb (facebook celebrity).

Having realised that his funny side can actually pay off, Junior ‘Juju Vine’ Sekolokwane has decided to go commercial and invest in this business of laughter.

In this light hearted interview punctuated with laughter, the ever jovial Sekololwane, who was in Botswana recently for a show talks about his move to Namibia, his life as a comedian and hopes for the future.

Q. You came into the public scene as a musician but you now a comedian, tell us about the shift.

Yes I started as a musician and now into comedy but it doesn’t mean have quit music.

Basically I am a musician, a comedian, an entertainer and a news anchor.

I took a break from music to help look after my kids. You know when these little ones come they need attention.

Q. News anchor for which tv/radio station?

For NBC (Namibia Broadcasting Corporation) which is the national television.

Q. What prompted you to move to Namibia?

Greener pastures my dear, it was all about finding something new, new place, new environment.

I moved with my family, wife and two boys.

Q.Your videos attract a lot of views….

(Laughs out loud) It makes me happy as it shows that people like what I do, so when they trend I smile.

My videos are viewed all over the world especially by Batswana living in different countries.

They actually inbox and request for more.

Q. What drives you to record these videos?

It started as a joke really, where I would record myself doing something then post on facebook.

After sometime I got a call from Motsweding FM in South Africa, infact before that they inboxed me asking who Juju Vine is saying his videos are trending in SA.

From there I started taking the whole thing serious, recording and posting more videos.

Q. Your videos are mostly about topical issues..

Yes I take advantages of what is topical and make something crazy out of it.

I now dedicate more time to these videos and comedy as I have realised that its taking me somewhere and can actually make money out of it.

I now perform at comedy shows and I get hired as a master of ceremonies.

Q. Tell us about Katleng FM and the senior b#%*h …..

(Laughs out loud) I have an online radio station called Katleng FM and senior b#%*h is a presenter on the station.

The character is also called DJ Mamito, just gave it that name to spice it up.

Q. In one of your videos as DJ Mamito, you are caution young girls about depending on ‘blessers’ and that they should take their education seriously, what do you have to say to the blessers?

That video now has more than 30 000 views. Eish, blessers must fall!

They are destroying lives of these young girls, it’s just not nice.

Q. Why do you like dressing up or behaving like a gay guy in your videos, haven’t you been criticised for that because it’s like you are making fun of gays?

No, that is another character because I have so many characters that I potray.

I haven’t had a backlash from the gay community.

Actually when I came up with the character the whole idea was to say let us not discriminate or judge gay people as they are people just like us.

Q. But how do you manage to do that and what does your wife say about you dressing up in her clothes and walking in her heels?

(Laughs out loud) No, those are not for my wife, I buy those things for my videos, its my work wardrope.

When I started my wife was mad as she didn’t understand what it was all about but now she understands that I am comedian and enjoying what I do.

I remember one time we shot a video where I was washing those big panties for women and when she got home and found them on the line she was very angry, yooo!

I was in big trouble that day because she initially thought they belonged to someone.

Q. How busy are you in terms of bookings to perform?

Almost every month I am somewhere performing, either here in Botswana or South Africa. This also includes being an MC.

Q. Now that you have seen that you can make money out of this, what next in terms of future plans?

I hope to produce and shoot comic movies and short films.

I have started investing in equipment as I have been using my phone to shoot the video.

Time to go professional now. I have actually shot a short movie which I posted on Facebook.

In it I potray a man who is abused his wife, forced to wash her underwear and all sorts of crazy things.

Q. How about performing overseas?

I am actually in talks with people who want me to come and perform in Ireland, so yes that’s part of the bigger dream, to be an international comedian.

Q. When did you realise that there is this funny side of you or you grew up a funny kid?

I grew up as this naughty guy, always in trouble at school and at home because of things I did.

Q. Are you ever sad, you seem to be this ever laughing guy?

(Laughs out loud) The only time I was sad was when I lost my mum in 2005, otherwise I just want to be happy all the time. I don’t like negative things.

Q. How would you describe yourself?

(Laughs out loud) Dramatic because you never know what can happen in the next five minutes, anything for me is comedy.

That’s why I am forever laughing.

Q. Most Batswana who are out there working in the public domain normally say they feel appreciated in the countries they are living in than at home, do you also feel that way?

Yes, when I moved to Namibia everything was easy for me, maybe people generally believe in foreigners.

You drop your single as a musician and approach radio stations, they will just shove it aside but if you go outside they give you attention and want to know who you are.

I am not sure really what causes that.

I was first recognized as a comedian by Motsweding FM, a foreign radio station and they were the first to interview me live for a whole 30 minutes.

Q. Besides being an artist, what else do you do?

I am a businessman; I have a transport business in Namibia.

Q. And what are you by profession?

I am a computer technician, more into networking.

Q. Any plans for independence?

I have been approached by the embassy in Namibia, nothing finalized yet but I am sure I will be taking part in celebrations that side if not then I will be here at home.

Q.Tell us about your black car and its pink rims.

(Laughs out loud) I like pimping my cars and making them different.

Putting new rims, sound systems and a tv as I record some of my videos in my cars.

Q: Did you says cars, how many do you have?

I have seven.

Q. Oh ok. And how old are you by the way?

I am 37, I know I look very young, it’s because I am always laughing (laughs out loud)

Thank you so much for your time and all the best

Sure. Pleasure is all mine

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