I don't get along with needles

This past week proved to be the most exciting week of the semester at the University of Botswana a.k.a Mmadikolo.  Yep, Intervarsity week it was and of course thank God for it, a week of no school, no waking up in the morning, no pressures, just  complete stress free activities and enjoyment, Wow, complete bliss I tell ya!
Being a first year student I had planned not to go home for the semester break as I wanted to see the happenings of the ever so famous intervarsity first hand. But I was forced to go home as a result of fear. You should have seen the happenings on February 25, the school was packed and I’m sure 411 made its highest sales of 2011 that day.
As expected, wherever there is massive amount of alcohol, there’s always room for trouble. People fought, people drove on people’s feet and others smashed other peoples’ windscreens. Yah neh, troubles I tell ya, troubles. Of course not every individual who was present there misbehaved but there’s no doubt that everyone’s safety was at risk,  you can never tell what’s going to happen next where there are people who have had a little too much. From my understanding, intervarsity is a week of sports and interaction between the students from the different universities but I have yet learned that this is not the case, instead the week is all about students interacting with alcohol, one on one!!
I guess the excitement of having the handsome Sotho’s and the curvegious Swazis caught up with everyone go bo go tlhakana le gore (and plus) allowance came nearly a week earlier. Who could blame the poor students.
And so a little important message and advise to my fellow peers, hope you treasure your allowance,  remember the month of March has 31 days, we don’t want you lunching and “suppering” on noodles for a good 2 weeks.
Again bear in mind that allowance e tsene e le di half this month (for most of us, that is) so you better be extra cautious. So spend wisely, drink responsible, have the right amount of fun and of course, stay safe.
On a much more positive side, I would like to say big up’s to the University of Botswana for taking the intervarsity as an opportunity to alert students from all the participating countries that knowing one’s status is important.
This was done by inviting the good people of BOCAIP to share information with the students regarding HIV/AIDS and the most exciting part, HIV testing was also done. Yes, my people, you guessed right, yours truly tested for the very first time and guess who’s negative! Know I can officially say that I am a responsible young Motswana who knows her status. Starting 2011 by knowing my HIV status, you should do it as well.
And me being the friendly person that I am, I made quite a few friends from the different nations and this is what they had to say…

Palesa Ntlamelle: University of Lesotho

Are you participating in any of the sports?
No I’m not, my friends convinced me to come here so I’m just here to support them.

How’s the vibe so far?
I’m loving it here, I love the night life, I’m enjoying the events, it’s so fun here. I went to Ms Intervarsity and I enjoyed everything, the performances, the setup, the vibe, everything was just beautiful.

Who do you think is going to win?

The competition is really tight, but I’m hoping my country will come out tops. However, being fair, I think Botswana is going to win.

Zama Mavuso: University of Swaziland

Are you involved in any activity?
Yes I am, I’m actually a judge for a debate team

Are you enjoying your stay here?

Of course I am, Botswana people are so friendly. We’ve been going out ever since we got here. It’s exciting, the mood is electrifying, it’s totally awesome. I wish intervarsity could be extended to 3 weeks or something.

Are you expecting to win?
I’m not expecting anything because I think Botswana is going to take it all, after all they are on their home ground so they have an advantage. At least we won Miss Intervarsity, I think that’s the biggest achievement we will gain from here.

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miss p

I guess we all knew which country was going to win,tota it was,to a certain extent, obvious!Bots has been winning the games for a very long time now. anyway, congradulations to Miss Intervarsity from Swaziland,(represent girl!!),n to our stunning Mr Intervarsity and his runners-up. we are proud. it was quite nice hosting the Sotho and the Swati. hope to see them again next year in Lesotho! big ups UB for hosting such an exceptionally beautiful event!


miss p gao swabe? The idea is not to win games. This is done for unity and interactions.