Insecure men with nasty tendencies
Insecure men with nasty tendencies

On Monday afternoon, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was at Phuti Bar in Molepolole where he had gone to quench his thirst when he eavesdropped on a conversation between a man and women talking about insecure men.

LADY IN RED HAT: My boyfriend keeps calling. I have to go.

MAN IN BLUE T-SHIRT: (after the lady in red hat had left) I hate a man who unnecessarily calls his partner when she’s gone out. Are they married?

LADY IN JEANS: No, they are not but they have been together for almost six years.

The man is very jealous. When they go out together he doesn’t allow her to talk to people, especially men.

MAN IN BLUE T-SHIRT: That’s a sign of weakness. I’m not surprised to hear they’re not married. Unmarried men like too much control.

LADY IN JEANS: When we left, he didn’t complain. He knew we would be home late; I’m surprised he kept calling.

MAN IN BLUE T-SHIRT: Maybe he thinks you will hook her up with other men.

LADY IN JEANS: He’d be crazy. How do I hook up someone up when she is old enough to make her own decisions with men?

LADY IN WHITE T-SHIRT: When these types of men go out, they don’t want their partners to call to inquire about their whereabouts, but when it’s their partner who is out, they call every minute.

MAN IN BLUE T-SHIRT: I don’t know why most women choose to stay in abusive relationships. Is it because of kindness?

LADY IN WHITE T-SHIRT: Sometimes it’s out of desperation as some depend on men for livelihood.

They would rather keep calm when assaulted and lie about bruises on their face.

They would claim to have bumped into a door when they have in fact been bashed.

The conversation ends as two men join them and talk about match results between Township Rollers and Green Lovers.

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