F/town man accused of butchering dad

Francistown’s Colored location was painted red with blood last Wednesday after the brutal slaying of a 54-year-old man, allegedly at the hands of his own son.

Natale native Anthony Obed was butchered to death late at night in his home as his helpless family watched on in hypnotized horror.

To add to the devastated family’s anguish, the main suspect in Obed’s murder is his son, 25-year-old Innocent Mothonyana.

Venturing to the scene of the crime on Tuesday afternoon, The Voice was met with the somber, shell-shocked faces of the dead man’s relatives.

“I don’t know what could have drove this boy to kill his father. He was an innocent person like his name,” remarked a middle-aged man, who requested the interview be delayed until Innocent’s older sister arrived.

A little while later the family left for Natale for the memorial service, leaving behind the deceased’s widow, his youngest son and an elderly aunt.

Looking stressed and tired, Innocent’s sister Bokani Mothonyana finally arrived and agreed to narrate the gory tale of her father’s murder.

“It was around 2100 hours when my father arrived from Orapa where he works. We all went to bed soon after,” revealed Bokani, explaining that ten people were staying in the house on the night in question.

“When I was in my room I heard Innocent knocking at my mother’s room saying he was returning the phone he had borrowed,” she continued, adding her mother told Innocent to give the phone to his sister as she was sleeping.

“He refused and kept on knocking. My mother ended up opening the door and Innocent removed a three star knife, stabbing our father on the whole body.

“Our father cried, asking ‘why are you killing me?’ But he did not stop and continued stabbing everywhere on the body quietly!”

According to Bokani, her mother left the room screaming for help but they were too scared to intervene.

“We broke the window and escaped through it, all nine of us. The police came and arrested my brother,” she said.


Depicting a slightly different character to the one portrayed by the earlier relative, Bokani described her unemployed brother as a violent, difficult man.

“My brother did a horrible thing. My father’s body was butchered like a cow – you cannot even look at it!

“He always harassed us. We only survived because we believe in God.”

Listing Innocent’s previous misdemeanors, Bokani said, “He once broke our father’s television but my dad forgave him. He stole from Sefelana store but my parents paid for him. He was always taking things from the house that did not belong to him, like our father’s car tyres.”

Taking a moment to compose herself, Bokani, who asked for a picture not to be taken, added, “The day he was taken to court my mother went on to see him at the police station. Innocent told her he was sorry and asked for forgiveness.”

It is an emotion the accused killer will not receive from his sister.

“I hope he rots in prison for many, many years without being given bail. If they grant him bail who can sign for him after what he did? I wish he can stay for more than 50 years in jail,” she concluded bitterly.

Obed will be laid to rest in Natale this Saturday.

Meanwhile, Innocent appeared before Francistown Magistrate Court on Friday 31 May and was remanded in custody until his next appearance, scheduled for 14 June.

For his part, Francistown Central Police Station Assistant Superintendent, Keemenao Ketlogetswe confirmed being aware of the murder.

“It was reported that a man killed his stepfather in Colored location here in Francistown. I can not say much as we are still investigating but a robbery case might be added to the charge sheet.”

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