Indians in F/Town showcase culture
INDIAN CULTURE: Indian community at Francistown Civic Centre

The Indian community in the north was delighted to share their folk music from the northern part of India and dance with the Francistown community.

Performing at a packed event at the Francistown Civic Centre last week, the Rangla group mesmerized their audience with their exotic dance moves.

The event started by a symbolic lighting of the lamp by the His Excellency, the High Commissioner of India, Doctor Ketan Shukla and the Francistown city mayor, Grace Muzila.

In his welcome remarks, Shukla explained folk music and the types of dances that were going to be performed on the day.

‘‘Folk dance is usually performed as a collective activity. It is basically a participative dance and constitutes the moments of time and artistic expression of a given period carried forward, sustained and fostered by succeeding generations through persistent recreation and repetition.” he said.

Shukla further spoke of the Bhangra folk dance, which begins in slow rhythmic movements and reaches a crescendo. The leader of the dance is the drummer who plays at the centre of the dancers.

And then there was Giddha, an immortal dance of women of Punjab. Women dance together standing in a semi circle clapping and singing.

Luddi is yet another dance traditionally described as a dance of joy performed to celebrate a victory.

It consists of no fixed steps while Jhummir dance consists of footwork, bending, clapping and waving of arms and hands.

For the most of the part it is accompanied by Jhummir songs.

During the night, Dr Ketan Shukla donated a P3000.00 check to the SOS village.

When giving her speech, the city mayor stated that the cooperation between India and Botswana in various sectors like Education, Culture, Health, Trade and Defense has strengthened relationship between the

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