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I have noticed something disturbing that happens in some marriages. Some people don’t stick to their vows so they end up divorcing which is sad of course. But hey, if it’s for the best then who am I to judge?
People divorce for a lot of reasons but of recent infidelity seems to be one reason that causes a lot of divorces. It’s a pity that some people can’t stick to only their husbands and wives. I wonder what it is that we young ones are supposed to learn from this.
I’m not married and there are no wedding bells for me anytime soon. I still have a long way to go. But I do know something though about marriage, ga se matshamekwane (it’s not about playing house) and again one needs to be both mentally and emotionally prepared.
I know a lot of people feel they ready mentally and emotionally and again they think they are ready to stick to one person but once they marry or have been in a marriage for years, everything changes. Lets not forget that some people just say they have fallen out of love with their partners. So I guess you could say that marriage is also a very complicated thing.
You see as young as I am there’s something that I find intriguing about these cases of infidelity. A lot of people say that ke fetilwe ke tlhaloganyo, (I am way beyond my thinking age) this is not true it’s just that I’m a very realistic person and I think a lot. Anyhow, now we know that there has been a lot of suing going on around lately because of acts of infidelity. Most ladies sue their husbands’ mistresses for marriage-wrecking which I find confusing really. I just don’t understand why the mistresses get sued because the husband allowed the cheating to go on. If anyone deserves to be sued it should be the cheating husband. He should be sued for wasting the poor wife’s time and for wasting the time of the priest who married the two. I mean, it’s not like the man was forced to cheat, even if the mistress had approached the man, he had the power to refuse but he didn’t.
What makes me laugh even more is that most of the time the men pay for the mistresses. These ladies never pay a dime, and at time the man even gets a loan to pay for their mistresses. So really I’ve never understood the point of suing. I’m not saying I condone cheating, I’m just saying that men need to be held entirely responsible for their mischievous behaviour. If women keep on suing other ladies what is the boy child supposed to learn from this? That it’s okay to cheat because you won’t be found responsible, only the mistress!
I have noticed that this even happens to us young people. When you catch your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating, you run straight to your partners’ person. Instead of you attacking your boyfriend or girlfriend, you attack the third party.
With all of this happening, it’s no wonder youngsters are acting the way they do now, it’s because of the things that we see happening. What are we expected to learn from this? Remember guys cheating aint ayoba!

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wow wat an interesting topic.kip it up i hope they learn this

pilot boy

entirely true, id reccommend people 2 have constant marriage counselling, prefbly b4 and during their union. mara keng it’s sad that some men have weak morals and allow such to happen as it puts mens reputation as a whole at risk. no wonder some people choose to become same sex orientatd, to avoid such conflicts. I respct those ladies who have the guts to take their husbands and mistsressz to court, because i believe some men have these problems but would not share them with the public. As a whole such decisionz as divorc should b abolishd coz it causes… Read more »


i like the topic,i think its our culture that tells married woman that the man is not equally wrong with the mistress.Most of the time our culture left the man as somebody who is always on the right side and the woman will be always wrong,i guess its time we Batswana change this. if we do not change married men will go around all women knowing that their wives will blame those women.To those mistresses i say stop being used please.


Truly speaking when i grew up i had thoughts of geting married in future, but now that i read magazine, watch soaps & documentries, read newspapers, share experiences with others “intergenerationaly”. Belive me it will be the biggest mistake of my life if i’l get married. The world is doomed, there are no marrieges rather a state of being crazy in love & make a big party thats ends with regrets.


MARRIAGE without God”s intervention is useless..ask me why?


y sexy?


Cheating is jus humen nature, but i got ur back in wut u jus said we need tym to a know who we are b4 tryna read another novel cuz it myt b complicated than we thank.NKA NAKO GO TSEBA MOTHO dats wut granny said.


God is love without him its just wastage of time its lyk having an electric kettle with no ectricity believe me u need God in all relationship


Mi and Boikanyo wi are goin thre,nice>marriage


Cheating is part of human architect tho i dnt condone n support it bt i know its there n the paramount thing is to be careful n respect each other!Come next year after the birth of our kid,my rose I are gettingh married n no matter what i read n see happening,im looking 4ward to it!

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thats not fair, cuz it destroy the reputation of man, others will hate them for good cuz they hurt.



Wat an interesting issue to be discussed nd wit tht i’v bein wondering gore y r such decisions taken by othr people …I.E. attacking the third party coz it seems they can’t think nd analyse yo o phoso, in such cases.I truly agree wit u Tshepo Sepora.And it indeed shows tht u r a critical thinker..goood stuff.


ke bolawa ke photo ya teng

mr king tebza

but tota nna mr king kare gago fair go dira jalo cauz we must stick 2 1 partner ner


If he cheats.
1. Catch him
2. Say nothing
3. Walk away
4. Go home and cry your heart out
5. If you stay together, separate rooms and next month bring a removal truck and a rental lease.
6. Pick a new hobby and ignore him

You know what will happen?… In no time he will start to look like a skeleton.

7. break the ice about the issue after a month or when ready.


Like sexy said God is the founder of marriage and only he can hold a marriage together,my parents have been married for years,almost 30years,i have heard them argue but never about my dad cheating,they have shared a phone,they do almost everything together and this is all because God is the foundation of their union.God is loving,faithful and true and if u have him he teaches u the same thing in your heart.Only God can place in a man and woman´s heart to be faithful,respectful and loving to their spouses,but because people refuse God and think they can make things work… Read more »


Ke dumela thata mo without God marriage wont last. Have God in your marriages and also go botsisa ka botshelo jwa your partner gore o kile a feta fa kae, at least know and understand one of her/his past. Gape batsadi ba loba gore mosimone o kile a leka lenyalo or o nale ngwana somewhere. These are some of the things to help to know your partner better. Whether o open or o fitlhile sengwe.Otherwise God is love without him its just wastage of time.


Keep dem rolling guys, Texas is learning a lot coz my dream is 2 c myself having tied da knot!


Ke tla go nyala ka dikgomo.. O tla bina siwelele.. o tla ba mosadi wa ka…

How i wish to get married but banna ba rata sex.. ..and ba e batla gongwe le gongwe.. .. ko bareng, mo tirong, mantsala, ko kerekeng, ko mmecheng, ko tebelelong, ko dikhwaereng etc.. Le ba ba nyetseng tota.. Re dire jang?


I want to comment on this issue, but only to shed light to those who are misled as to the definition and meaning of marriage. People marry for many reasons and most of them do so for the wrong reasons before they have established exactly what they expect out of the union of marriage. For a lot of people as long as you are faithful to your spouse, they think that constitutes a good marriage. In my opinion, nothing can be further from the truth. Many spouses are unhappy and they still fight even in the abscence of infidelity. And… Read more »


hey this is an interesting topic. indeed 4 many marrige is no longer 4 two pple who r lovin each other but instead is a business.1 wil marry 4 one’s assets, 1 for the looks, 1 4 bmw dat the man owns, hey lefatshe le senyegile. but pple should bear in mind that true love is the only thing that keeps the marrige on. when the materials comes in there’s no longer marriage. u start fightin becoz the income is no longer enough, the next thin u start cheatin becoz u nid a man or lady who can give u… Read more »