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It was a spectacle to behold as presidential security detail swooped in to defuse a near ugly incident when an unidentified brick wielding man advanced towards President Ian Khama at an event recently.

The brick incident, which occurred as the President was nearing the conclusion of his speech during the ceremony that was held next to the Three Chiefs Monument, happened so fast that many of the guests missed it.

Quizzed on the matter, Senior Private Secretary to the President – George Tlhalerwa explained that the perpetrator, who approached the President rapidly before being rugby tackled to the ground by members of the President’s security team, was a mental patient.

He did not want to attack the President, as some who saw him, including this reporter had assumed, but instead “he was highly galvanized to speak with President Khama,” Tlhalerwa said.

According to Tlhalerwa, who was also an eyewitness, the man did not take kindly to being physically restrained by the mammoth men when he approached the president to seek audience, so he proceeded to retrieve a brick from the floor and attempted to hurl it at members of the security detail.

However, security details managed to knock the brick out of his hand before proceeding to firmly secure his hands behind his back.

He was then ushered to an unmarked vehicle where he was presumably questioned.

Tlhalerwa also asserts that the man was taken to the Police Station where it was discovered that he had a long-standing history of mental disability.

He was thus cut loose to his family without charge.

When probed on which Police Station the man was taken to, he declined to comment on grounds that it was inappropriate to divulge details of mentally challenged people.

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