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(L-R): Mojadibodu & Mmolotsi

Mmolotsi takes Majadibodu to court

Member of Parliament for Francistown South, Wynter Mmolotsi will next week file a defamation of character case against Botswana Democratic Party’s controversial activist, Ditiro Majadibodu.

The move follows Majadibodu’s attack on Mmolotsi during the Maun East 2014 elections victory party that was held on Saturday.

At the rally, Majadibodu announced that Mmolotsi was a failure who got dismissed from teaching because of illicit love affairs with students and members of the staff.

He also accused Mmolotsi of failing to support his family.

However the Vice President for Botswana Movement for Democracy says has not taken kindly to the accusations and das decided to take legal action against Majadibodu.

In an interview with The Voice, Mmolotsi confirmed that he will be filing a defamation of character case.

“I am working on it and by next week Tuesday we will be ready to file a case against him. I want to teach him a lesson that in politics you do not manufacture lies.”

Mmolotsi said that he has a family which was affected by Majadibodu’s lies and that he was going to set an example for many through him.

“I don’t know who he was trying to please there by tarnishing my name. First of all I was not fired but resigned to join a publishing company in 2001.”

He said that even at the school where he taught he was never questioned or called for disciplinary hearing.

“Had I been called to book once at least it could be better. Go to Marang Junior School and check my record,” he said before adding that after resigning he was called to officiate during a prize giving ceremony, a thing which he said proved that he had a good relationship with management.

“Now that he just crossed to the ruling party he thinks he can go around tarnishing people’s reputation. I will teach him a lesson,” said the Francistown South legislature.

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