Botswana is currently experiencing its worst power crisis ever.

Production at both public and private institutions has been brought to a grinding halt with power gone for long hours at a time.

Retailers and households are the worst affected with some businesses closing shop while many of families who use electricity to cook sleep on empty stomachs.

Voice Correspondent SHINGIRAI MADONDO overhead the following conversation in Francistown.

BLACK MAN: Botswana is slowly turning into Zimbabwe. Everything is becoming scarce in the country.

The power crisis has just reversed the country’s future and fortune. We are in real trouble.

INDIAN MAN: For us business people it is worse. Clients do not waste their time visiting our restaurants anymore.

And it makes sense that they do snub us because no one wants to be served cold food. We do not know what to do.

MAN IN GREY SUIT: The only businesspeople making money are pastors of modern churches popularly known as ‘Fire.’

They are likely to manipulate a lot of people including the government itself given the current problems.

BLACK MAN: How? You guys have a natural hatred for ‘Fire’ churches.

MAN IN GREY SUIT: These pastors are good at manipulation.

They can approach the government and persuade it to plant a seed (in monetary terms) in the church in order for God to bless the country and provide power.

And with our government being desperate, the likelihood is that it might tap into the foreign reserves in order to plant the so called seed in church.

BLACK MAN: It is true. Anybody can do anything stupid in a bid to be out of this situation.

You will only realize that you have been duped after you have spent money you don’t have.

The situation is severe and we are vulnerable.

Since last week workers were just idling and not doing much work because of lack of electricity.

Where are we going to find solace?

INDIAN MAN: We are placed between a rock and a hard place. Businesswise, we are doomed and at home, we are also affected.

After spending the whole day sitting in anticipation that the power will be supplied, you get home and fail to watch the best movie that would give you a relief from the day stress.

MAN IN GREY SUIT: There is nothing to do both at home and at work.

One might just be tempted to while away time by making love to one’s girlfriend or wife at home or even to the secretary at work.

But then again you think twice because what if the woman gets pregnant.

Most of us are not enough money to look after a child anyhow.

How will one manage to feed the child? Where will the school fees come from?

But making love seems to be the only source of entertainment.

Times are tough indeed!

BLACK MAN: Enough of complaining. Come up with solutions.

What can be done to improve the situation?

The situation is really going out of hand. We need solutions like yesterday.

INDIAN MAN: President Ian Khama urged the nation to pray for rain and we are experiencing floods in most of the country especially in the north.

I think the president should plead with Batswana to pray for power. It is my belief that the so called ‘Khama Magic’ will help us solve this power problem.

We need to approach the President and ask him to order another national prayer for power.

MAN IN GREY SUIT: Let us hope that the power will not be in abundance in the northern part of the country alone while the southern parts remain in the dark like what is happening with the rains.

I agree the Khama Magic can help us.

The men agreed on the idea of approaching the Office of the President (OP) such that Khama can urge Batswana to pray for power.

But the MAN IN GREY SUIT warned against the involvement of churches saying the likelihood of the government being manipulated is very high.

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