Illegal taxi fares must stop
Illegal taxi fares must stop

Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was waiting to catch a mini bus to Mochudi when he overheard a conversation about taxi drivers who overcharge passengers.

WOMAN WITH A SCARF: The last bus for Gaborone leaves at 7:30. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get to the rank on time and catch a combi to Block 8.

I wanted to avoid going over the bridge in order to catch a cheaper taxi on the other side.

MAN IN JEANS: You have no choice,unless of course you want to part with a special fee of P30.

LADY WITH A SCARF: I always wonder why taxi drivers operating by the waiting room charge that much.

It’s illegal because they violate the price set by the Public Transport Department of P20 for a special fare and P4 for a shared trip.

MAN WITH A MOUSTACHE: I blame the public for letting those taxi drivers charge as they please.

If we boycott them, they’ll stop taking advantage of us as they’ll have no business.

And while we are at it, why don’t people report them to the Public Transport Department?

MAN IN JEANS: Even if you report them, no action would be taken as the taxis are owned by Public Transport Department officers.

Their office is located adjacent to the same waiting room. The illegal business is conducted under their nose.

They pass by those taxis every day going to work. Do you want to tell me that they don’t see what is happening there?

MAN WITH A MOUSTACHE: Sometime back, I got into a taxi by the same place to the Main Mall.

The driver demanded I pay a special fare of P30. I threatened to take action against him.

We began to quarrel all the way to the Main Mall.

He told me that even if I reported him, I’ll be unsuccessful as the Public Transport Department officers were his friends.

I warned him that I’d report his friends to their immediate supervisors for corruption.

He knew I meant serious business so by the time I dropped off, he let me pay the legal price.

The conversation ends as the bus arrives and everybody gets in.

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