HARRASED MOTHER AND GUILTY DAUGHTER: Kelennetse Tshiamo and Tshiamiso Tshiamo

Mother drags rude daughter to court

They say a mother’s love knows no bounds.

However, 55-year-old Kelennetse Tshiamo proved that they do have their limits.

Fed-up with being abused and disrespected by her rude 30-year-old daughter, Kelennetse finally reached breaking point this week, declaring ‘enough is enough’ as she dragged ill-mannered Tsiamiso Tshiamo to court for constantly insulting her.

Appearing before Mogoditshane customary court on Monday, the aggrieved mother told Chief Keabetswe Dihutso that she has not known peace for some time, claiming her spoiled daughter frequently insults her.

Kelennetse also complained that her lazy daughter persistently demands she prepares and serves her food.

Summarising the episode that finally pushed her over the edge, Kelennetse told court, “In this latest incident, she found me cleaning the kitchen and opened a cupboard draw close to where I was standing. When I told her to be careful as she might hurt me she rudely responded, “fa o batla go ya toileteng o nnye** mo go nna, (everytime you feel like relieving yourself you just sh*t on me).”

Kelennetse further grieved that, despite consulting her children before she re-married after her first husband left, Tsiamiso has refused to accept the new man in her life, intentionally offending him and regularly calling him derogatory names.

In her defence, Tsiamiso denied being insolent towards her mother, arguing instead that on the day in question Kelennetse had in fact insulted her father.

“She just started saying bad things about my father, that he was a male prostitute as he sired a child with his cousin,” Tsiamiso claimed.

She also accused her mother of being cold heartened, condemning her for neglecting not just her children but also her grandchildren. “If she can’t give me food she must at least give it to my five-year-old son,” she insisted stubbornly.

Tsiamiso received a wholly suspended sentence of six months imprisonment and was warned against insulting her mother in the future.

Unhappy with the ruling, the discourteous daughter indicated that she would appeal the sentence, believing to have been unfairly judged.

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