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I’ll beat you up

I’ll beat you up
FUMING: Onneile Mokalake

F/town councillor in fiery confrontation with political rival

Their animosity towards each other has become something of a legend in Blocks 7 and 8 in Francistown.

Ipopeng Ward Councillor Jenamiso Mojaki and her political rival Onneile Mokalake were at it again on Tuesday evening at a Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Women’s Wing meeting at Phatsimo Primary School.

According to Mokalale, who lost to Mojaki in the BDP Primaries, Mojaki threatened to ‘smash her head’ with a broken school desk following a heated argument.

“She’s disrespectful. Ever since she defeated me in the primary elections she has been tormenting me. She would park at my gate and mock me,” claimed Mokalake in an interview with The Voice.

The irate Mokalake, who accused her rival of using underhand tactics to win the ward, also insinuated witchcraft.

“She was told me that my foot will rot and now I’m my foot is troubling me, I guess it was a curse!” fired Mokalake.

The ugly scenes at Phatsimo Primary were verified by another BDP member Dephney Makopa who told The Voice that Councillor Mojaki has turned into a bully in the ward and is terrorizing residents.

“She’s out of control and no one can touch her. How do you threaten to beat up another woman at such awn important forum,” Makopa demanded.

Reached for comment, Mojaki however rubbished the duo’s accusations and said she only responded to defend herself from constant abuse dished out by both Mokalake and Makopa.

I’ll beat you up
NOT AMUSED: Councillor Mojaki

“Look this is a petty political battle. Mokalake can’t come to terms with the fact that she lost to me in primaries. She’s finding it difficult to count her losses and rally behind me in the coming 2019 general elections,” said Mojaki.

She said she has been a victim of Mokalake’s verbal abuse for many years but has kept quiet.

“On Tuesday however I told her that I was not going to tolerate her insults anymore. She wanted me out of the meeting forgetting that as a woman I had every right to be there. She then threatened to beat me up. I told her I was ready for her,” Mojaki told The Voice.

“Her problem with me is that I’m a staunch supporter of President Mokgweetsi Masisi and she’s not. She supported Nonofo Molefhi and they both lost!” she said.

The Voice also reached out to a senior member of the Women’s Wing Committee who witnessed the entire verbal onslaught.

“It was a petty fight and Mokalake started it. She forgets that Mojaki is an ex-officio. Mokalake couldn’t stomach the fact that Mojaki was listed amongst people who could help finance our Gaborone trip,” she said.

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The worst thing one can have is having a quarrel in the Public eye especially those who have a position and it seems no one has called them to Order


Suppose everyone is waiting for a comment to ask if the person who said this attended the School of Grace Mugabe to learn how to beat people!