Ikalanga group release 17th album
GOING STRONG: Isaac and Esnath Maleyi

Husband and wife act celebrate 20 years in music

To celebrate 20 years in the music industry, husband and wife Ikalanga gospel group, the Maleyis have released their 17th album.

The eight-track LP is titled ‘Konke Kulungile’, which is Ndebele for ‘everything is alright’.

The soulful album features some of Isaac Maleyi, 60, and his 54-year-old wife, Esnath Maleyi’s best work and includes songs in Ikalanga, Ndebele, and Setswana.

As well as the feature track, some of the standout numbers include ‘Kena le Jeso’, ‘Khenani’, and the fantastically named ‘Reggai Kufamba Famba’.

“Batswana welcomed the new album wholeheartedly and they are buying it in large numbers. We have been in the music industry for a long time and Batswana have been supportive of our music,” Isaac told Voice Entertainment, adding the album was recorded at Down Studio in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Thanking fans for their constant support over the years, the veteran singer went on to say, “They are always looking forward to our new albums. Our first record was in 1999 when we recorded acapella.”

Blessed with two children, the couple, who hail from Mosojane in the North East, are proud members of the Twelfth Apostles Church (Alfa), which they joined in 1977.

Indeed it was at church that they released their talent for music.

The duo regularly feature at events in the Northern district and often travel to Zimbabwe to perform.

“We will be performing at the end of September in Mosojani at Ntoba farm where we will be promoting Ikalanga music,” added Esnath.