Igniting spirit of entrepreneurship

Women meet to buy and sell

Set out to give local budding entrepreneurs exposure whilst providing a fun family event, Kuni and Thapelo Kalake hosted May Day Pop Up Market at their home much to many’s delight.

“We were overwhelmed by the response following word to friends, family and acquaintances when sharing our plan to host the day market.

We even had to turn some businesses away as we could not accommodate all.

Social Media platforms played a huge role in identifying some of the entities that we had showcasing and was helpful in spreading the word.

The attendance was testament to the need that exists within our communities to create safe environments that can allow for networking and doing business outside formal settings of retail shopping.” echoed Kalake.

“I was curious, said an excited mother who had brought her kids along. Any event that accommodates children is welcome in my household as it gives us a chance to engage with the children especially during the holidays.”

Igniting spirit of entrepreneurship
Home and garden ware

They were a variety of stalls that included home ware, clothes, accessories, décor and trinkets to promote different lifestyles.

Stalls such as Charactorize Accessories Concierge, Lingerie by Tsaone Kabomo, Clothes and Accessories by Otse Mangadi, Seanokeng, Lame and Joyce had many of their items on sale.

Selling gorgeous water pearls and crockery, Mmamidi George explained that her motive was exposing her business to a new market.

“As much as making a sale is great, it is equally important to constantly engage with prospective clients and offer information on the care for these precious stones. This includes where they are sourced, how to store them and more exciting; the different ways they can be worn.” She elaborated.

Lame Chilume of Switch Couture concurred. Markets like these help one to expand their business outside their norm.

They allow for clients and prospective buyers to engage with the business owners and get one on one attention. This goes a long way in building rapport with clients.”

Cakes by Bonani Thari whose stall was a favorite with those with a sweet tooth, offered a variety of tasty cakes including red velvet, carrot cake and chocolate treats.

“We bake exquisite cakes for all occasions. The pop up market exposed us to potential customers. We received enquiries regarding wedding, birthday and other celebration cakes.

Many who came through to the market took advantage of the make shift salon offerings of the Make Over place by Edlyn to touch up their looks.

They also got consultations on spa treatments, hair extensions and make up by Bame Tshoswane.

For the home, Vintage on 14 otherwise situated at the Craft Market had an extended display of indoor and garden trimmings to transform any space.

To complement the investment pots by Shadi Showa, one was also spoilt for choice by the newly revamped brand; The Rebel Cook whilst Changu’s Nsha Living stall offered kitchen and bathroom décor.

There was truly something for everyone. Pelo Babutsi offered Vintage fashion one could pair with Perfect Pieces timeless brooches that can also be used to update any piece of clothing.

Igniting spirit of entrepreneurship
Shoppers spoilt for choice

Carol Ralebala captured the outgoing understated fashion lover with her pieces.

Though pleased that the event was a resounding success, the host Kuni Kalake expanded on the challenges of hosting such an event.

“We had really wanted to give shoppers an all round unique experience and though we met expectations, we could not secure services that offer men’s treats. The women folk and children were spoilt for choice but the men did not have specifically men items to purchase.”

However the men did not let this spoil their outing and went round the stalls making note of the endless options of the goodies they could buy for loved ones.

“I would have loved to get a few items just for me but not being able to, did not deter me from having a really good time. The vibe through the music, the great company and good food by Black Pepper Eats washed down with Black Tails signature cocktails made up for this. I was able to support and share details of the market with friends who came through and took advantage of the sales.” Said Sox Nthebolan.

For working mom, Thato Motlaloso the market was a welcome departure.

“Work keeps me really busy and with two small children, I hardly have the will to move around malls searching for just the right items. So the market makes it easy to do one’s shopping and best of all collect contacts for when needed. It’s like having a whole mall in one’s bag. Loved it”.

As the adults shopped at ease, the children were kept entertained with various activities including bicycle rides, spa treats and art and crafts.

Mmaetsho Chokwe kept a watchful eye over the little ones with her team, making the little ones comfortable and happy.

A familiar face at such events; Matilda Mpai had her popular Divine Morula Products on offer and shared her excitement regarding the turnout.

“The intimacy offered by these gatherings does wonders for our businesses. One gets to meet new clients and through experience, word of mouth goes a long way in winning long lasting relationships. The feedback offered by clients also assists us in tweaking our offerings to meet client’s expectations.”

For many shoppers it was the delicate glassware on offer by Yoliswa Moeti that caught their attention; the multiple functionality of the products as explained secured sales for Moeti.

“They make for great gifts and look great in any home or office setting.”

“I loved the idea as it gave me reason to do something different. We did not only get to support local business entities but also got ideas to explore as well.

“My friends and I were impressed with what others are doing to supplement their salaries, explore their passions and widen their networks. So it was not just a shopping day but it certainly planted a seed of thought around our own interests.”

Quipped Oneetse Makhumalo.

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