Opposition leaders on what they would have done to avert or end the strike

The end of on- going strike seemed so near early this week when it was revealed that the unions had agreed on a three percent salary increase with conditions.

But now it seems to be far from being over as the two parties failed to reach an agreement on the conditions,leading to the indefinite continuation of the strike.

We recently spoke to the three main opposition leaders to find out what they could have done to avert or end the mother of all strikes if they were in power.

Gomolemo Motswaledi

Gomolemo Motswaledi, Botswana Movement for Democracy
Our plan, when in Government, would of course be multi-faceted.  We will engage workers, and open our doors to them in a genuine, open minded and respectful way. Leaders, including the President will have no room to deny Union leaders, Spiritual leaders, Civil Society leaders or even Opposition leaders a basic meeting to deal with the issues of national concern that circumscribe the strike.

We will review the current year’s security/military capital expenditure which is currently just over P1 billion; engage the security generals with a view to slashing their allocation significantly; do the same for re-current expenditure on the DIS which is still on a recruiting swing; review the remainder of the capital expenditure of about just under P10 billion and exact means of curbing cost overruns.

Whilst some dent has already been visited on our foreign reserves and that in most cases a substantial proportion is commuted, some part of that should be committed to this emergency of investing in our workers who should play a vital role towards the resurgence of our economy.  This is among a plethora of things that we can consider and indeed do to resolve this problem.

Dumelang Saleshando

Dumelang Saleshando, Botswana Congress Party
The unions are made up of mature, understanding people who I believe if Khama as the leader of this country had addressed we would not be in this situation. So the first thing for us would be to face the workers, hear their concerns and find the best way forward if not give them the increment, which we believe is a genuine demand.

One of the most important things that we would do as a government is prioritize issues and projects. Botswana is unnecessarily spending more on military than most countries with big economies yet we are not under threat of any war.

So we would significantly cut the expenditure of defence and DIS and channel the money to better things. In a nutshell money is never enough but if spent properly there would not be any problems.

Duma Boko

Duma Boko, Botswana National Front
The first thing would obviously be meeting with the workers face to face instead of using wrong platforms to talk about the strike. We would then make promises and commitments which are time bound so that we can be held accountable if we fail to deliver.

If indeed the government has no money, then why not suspend or shelve permanently some of the programmes that are not worth pursuing.

Why allocate money to the DIS, that is the money that should be put to use in as far as workers are concerned.

So really this government is not serious or honest and one mistake that we would never commit is take the people for granted.

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A tsenyeng BCP mo pusong,fa ba palelwa re a ba ntsha,Ba ba BMD ke madongwana,ke bo phiri ba ba apereng matlalo a dinku,wena Boko rola dilo tseo o di rweleng re go bone matlho kana o tshaba yone kgang ya maintenance


Le bananyana ka boraro ba lona, le batla gore tshamekisa rele kanakana.


rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. all these comments lack substance, commitment, strategy and resolve. very disappointing from the trio. we need facts we have had enough of being misled by assumptions. right now none of the trio is winning my vote.


Ba basimanyana ba sampe ba nkga mantlwane ba. Ba bua ka DIS, Whats wrong with it. It is there for the benefit of the nation at large. These boys are going to be reactive and not pro-active. You observe what is happenning around the world and plan ahead of time boys. We need not be caught unprepared. Terrorist network is posing a serious threat world over.Ha go na party epe e e ka busang this country kwa ntle ga ga domi. viva domi viva……..-ntsu style-


opposition my foot @duma if i were u i would watch my mouth ke lesa go bua ditlotlokwane tse o tlholang o di bua sephiri se dule we knw ur dirty little secret n i bet thy r many more to come so shut e f*** up


Given the way the opposition has been behaving lately and the things they are saying and where and how they say them, I say they have and continue to hurt their chances of ruling this country. A baby who is conceived today and who will grow in this country has a better chance of leading this country than they are. To imagine that they will topple BDP using the strategy they are using now, is tantamount to having a long erotic wet dream. A very bad one.

Ga gona sepe se ba se buang. All they no are this empty promises. Look at their constuancies, nothing is happening there after promises.Baja ba le nosi.. Let alone Domkrag rule, we are already used to their mandates.


Okay ladies,dats enough “you are all cute”


Hee..hee! nnya mme ebile you will never make a mistake of taking the people for granted..the other page is publishing the same person as having dumped his own child and ontop of dat failing to maintain the child. Waitse Morena are utlwele botlhoko abo are itshwarele maleo arona.

Chris M

There is often a lot of talk about the need for constitutional review and electoral reform in our country, driven mainly by this lot. As usual, they are wrong! We need leaders to choose from, not any of that or this lot! It doesn’t matter what you do with the constitution or electoral process, if you don’t have real leaders to choose from, we will never do better. In fact such poorly informed changes may open the door for the destruction of our nation and its democracy! This strike has only helped to confirm to those who were in denial… Read more »


Chris, these people want to weaken the constitution to fit their selfish acts and intentions


hahahaha!!! sa bofelo imagen motswaledi ale mo leding la Botswana no no no no!!!! rekampa ra tsenya Themba Joina


if opposition leaders want to take a lead they gud be so strategic to substantiate their argument when dealing with sensative issues that need clarity and idiologies that can convience the entire nation.bo rra our points are null and void.lona le ka tsaya madi kae buang gore le ka a tsaya kae le lese DIS.Le bua jaaka batho ba ngabamisitswe ke tala ba bata go jaa.


Wena Shaleshanto o kile ware Batswana ba ithekise ka ga gona ditiro what a disgusting leader,wena Mots o kile ware o rata go lekeletsa o bua ka kgang ya go sekisa tautona so o bata go lekeletsa dilo ka puso,puso gase diketo,wena Boks tabogela ko lwapeng ngwana o tshwerwe ke tala e bile o bata lorato la ga rragwe….

Chris M

@eagle There was a professor who attended the anti-corruption conference in Gaborone recently who made the point that the reason Botswana has been a stable democracy with little corruption is partly due to adhering to the same constitution for a long time. He pointed out that willy-nilly changes in constitution by other countries allowed serious and wanton corruption in under the protection of such large scale constitutional changes. Even dictators came out of and entrenched themselves with such constitutional changes. Our constitution does not need wholesale review! It has and is still serving us well!


@Chiris M That is right Chris. Often times there is a hidden agenda by the proponents of constitution changes. Most of the agenda is along selfish lines and if we agree to change the constitution on a whim, we are likely to regret later when it does not work out exactly like it was intended. There is no need to rock the boat as of now, because very few people actually care about what is that document anyway and how it is supposed to affect their daily lives. This just proves a point made by so many people that our… Read more »


thats gud


Ke rata Dumelang oaitse? He has got brains.


I am not satisfied with the answers, and not conviced at all. Gatwe what would you do not pin-point at the current ‘problems’. I bet you won’t have the DIS so no point in mentioning that. So, tota ga ke a kgotsofalla them answers all i see is bitterness from the 3, well Salshando o ka bua sengwe ke gore fela ga a wela. Boko ene o a ntshosa a re o ka neela batho se ba se batlang…what a laugh…batho ga ba nke ba kgotsofala, just be real…


Kgang ya borre ba e tswa mo baeteleding pele babone ba pele yagore gabakake babusiwa ke motho a na le madi a sesasarwa ke fela gore e tlhaga ka nako ya bone in different way ba babedi ba ipitsa bangato tooto wa BCP ENE GAITSE KESONE SO OBONANG A FAROLOGANA LE BONE KA GOAKANYA SE STRIKE KE SEIPATO FELA SEMORAFE SE KGAOGANYA CHABA


how adorable, “i would increase the salaries”, easy for u guys to say…1st of all Boko, Sale and Motswaledi i like what u guys are saying but here is the problem: there is no money to increse salaries so basically salary increament is out of question…the current gov’t would also increase salaries only if the money was there. the question goes like: “there is no money and if we were in power we would….”there is no money to increase salaries to remedy the ongoing strike and all the 3 of u are saying “salary increase”, which part of there is… Read more »


Most of u guys are disappointing. As much as im disappointed in Boko about maintenance stuff it is also disappointing that u guys chose to read Dumelang out of context. “So the first thing for us would be to face the workers, hear their concerns AND FIND THE BEST WAY FORWARD IF NOT GIVE THEM INCREMENT, which we believe is a genuine demand”. Ha o tsene skolo u ll agree with me gore Dumelang is saying there is a possibility of no increment but he cry foul over our first citizen’s failure to address workers and engage experts in harnessing… Read more »

Daniel Ben

Waitse le nna bo Rre ba gake utwe gore tota bare bone bane baka dira eng tota ga ese go re tsietsa ka molodi wa mafoko mme a sena boleng.Ke eng basa thamalale bare rona rene reka afa babereki 16%,20% kana jang..ba bo ba dira jang ka dikoloto tsa lefatshe.?Lona babereki re le lebogela go boela tirong tsa lona le iperekele..Mo tsamaong ya nako gota tswarega betsho.Ere le sena go bona that tangile evidence ya gore madi mo nako eno gaa yo,le bo le thopha baeteledi pele baba wetseng dibete,baba se kakeng ba ntshiwa mo tseleng ya go le buellela… Read more »