The historic win of African Cup of Nations by Zambia had revellers envying the country and praising ancestors for the unexpected victory.

Voice reporter Phillimon Mmeso shared a cab with three football fanatics when going home after the final game on Monday morning and this is what he heard.

Arsenal jersey: I never really thought I would support Zambia! It was a really emotional time.

Green t-shirt: Wow! So your father is from Zambia. That explains why you are so dark and tough!

Arsenal jersey: Not that stupid! I mean the support and don’t drag my parents into this because they are dead. Didn’t you see how the ancestors work?

Cab driver: The game was too emotional for the Zambians and I heard from the lady I gave a lift to earlier that one Zambian player was substituted because he was crying uncontrollably….  she told me the father to the player was involved in the 1993 tragic accident

Green t-shirt: What? She was lying.  Musonda was injured and was crying because he couldn’t continue with the game. And his father was not in that plane. I know the history! Even you taxi men must learn how to read and not  just wait to be lied to by some woman who obviously doesn’t read much herself.

Arsenal Jersey: Joe you didn’t hear the commentators. There was too much noise in the club maybe she is telling the truth

Green t-shirt: No she was telling a blue lie and she found an ignorant person to peddle the lie.

Cab driver: Stop insulting me I was telling you what I heard.  I only saw the second half and Chipolopolo was playing very well. They deserved to win the cup

Arsenal jersey: That is why I’m telling you that the spirit of the ancestors was with them if it was not  Ivory Coast could have scored 5 goals! That penalty (holding his head) my God! Drogba hit it well and the spirits took it  to the air!

Big head: Yeah if only I was in Zambia….

Cab Driver: Everyone is going wild in celebrations there. Eish!

Arsenal jersey: We could be kissing ladies and transporting some not like here where we are sharing a cab with men! (They burst into laughter)

Green t-shirt: Tomorrow (meaning Monday) is a holiday in Zambia I’m telling you and if I was there my goodness!

Cab driver: And those Zambian ladies are beautiful especially in Livingstone, they have coca cola bottle shaped figures!

Arsenal jersey:  Yeah true African beauties my brother!

Green t-shirt: Guys did you realise that this game was played in two days!

Cab driver: Hei! Pay me before you sleep! Two days?  You’re drunk and I don’t want problems when you get off please!

Green t-shirt: I’m not drunk the game started at 2130 on Sunday and finished at 0030 Monday morning. Check your time fools!

(They both laugh)

Arsenal jersey: I did not realise that. And you’re right about the  2 days! This AFCON has made history in many ways. As for the old man who brought the trophy. I have no words to describe him.

Green t-shirt: Is he not an ancestor you have been telling us about?

Cab driver: Aaah! No ways he can’t be an ancestor maybe a traditional doctor!

Arsenal jersey: No comment guys that old man is wiser than all of you put together and you have to respect him or else…!

Green t-shirt: Or else what? Just  drop us at the next stop. This one is now dozing!

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