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I was supposed to die- Butale

I was supposed to die- Butale

Tati East Member of Parliament Biggie Butale has revealed to a shocked audience in Masunga this morning that the party leadership in Botswana wanted to kill him.

In a consultative meeting held at Ntisetsang Community Hall in Masunga, an emotional Butale who was accompanied by his wife said the party leadership and the DIS once framed him and reported him to the Directorate of Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) accused of receiving a bribe at a time he was the Assistant Minister of Trade.

“The DIS and party leadership connived with my look alike, he’s a well know individual and we have a striking resemblance,” he said.

The MP said his look alike was sent to an Afrikaner Manager at one of the Cresta Hotels who desperately needed an operating licence.

According to Butale the said manager was operating his business illegally.

“This guy met the Manager posing as me and assured him that he could help him get the licence at a cost of P260 000”.

He said the license was made and the two met the following day to conclude the deal. “Unbeknown to them, DIS had installed secret cameras and they took the rear view of my lookalike as he counted the money. Those pictures were then used to open a fabricated case against me at DCEC,” he said.

The MP said he made his own investigations until he met the said lookalike who confessed to working with the DIS and party leadership to frame him. “I was told the intention was for me to go to prison and never come out”.

“Those who told me said I was going to commit suicide by hanging myself with a blanket,” said Butale to his shocked audience.

“The Cresta Manager was then deported and the case is gathering dust at the DCEC,” Butale added.

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