NOT HAPPY: Segokgo

#Segokgo threatens to withdraw from elections

#BMD deny special treatment deal.

Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD)’s Councillor for Sefhoke ward, Phenyo Segokgo has vowed not to take part in the party’s Primary Elections, claiming he was promised ‘special treatment’.

According to Segokgo, this ‘special treatment’ included assurances from party leaders that he would not have to go through the Primary Election process in the lead up to the 2019 General Elections.

Speaking to The Voice, Segokgo said the promises were made when he was recruited back to the BMD last November.

“I never asked for special treatment from the BMD, they are the ones who said they will give me that treatment,” insisted the man who was trapped in limbo after the group he was expelled with from the BMD wit left to form the Alliance for Progressives (AP) – although Segokgo never joined the AP he did attend some of their events.

“It is either I go unchallenged or I don’t take part at all,” he maintained, continuing defiantly, “I would rather not contest because they will make sure that I lose!”

The South East South District Council Chairman added he would rather support whoever contests as opposed to getting into the race.

However, BMD Publicity Secretary (PS), Rasina Rasina issued a statement on Wednesday refuting Segokgo’s claims, insisting that no such promise had been made.

“If he is willing and wishes to enter a democratic process by the BMD to identify an Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) candidate, he shall do so with other BMD members wishing for the same, so that BMD members in Tlokweng, and not the BMD leadership, may duly decide,” stated Rasina.

Rasina stressed that all members of the BMD wishing to contest primary elections are free to do so in equal measure as the party’s membership ‘does not cater for special dispensations’.

“The BMD, like any other political party is governed by a constitution, which gives to every member the right to seek public office after going through a primary elections procedure. We cannot deny any member that constitutional right by agreeing to arrangements of special treatment,” explained Rasina, highlighting that such an agreement would ‘go against the very essence of democracy’ as well as the BMD’s ‘liberal values’.

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