Guilty: Petso Ntwaagae

Grandpa blames alcohol as he pleads guilty to raping 12 year old niece

A 62-year-old man who pleaded guilty to raping his 12-year-old niece in February has blamed alcohol for his foul deed.

Speaking in mitigation on Monday before Mochudi Magistrate Mareledi Dipate sentenced him to minimum ten years imprisonment prescribed for the offence, Petso Ntwaagae of Atersia said: “This happened because of alcohol. I was drunk and that is why I forced myself on the child. That’s all I can say. I ask the court to be lenient on me”.

Court heard how Ntwaagae found his niece playing with her mates outside the yard at which he lived with the child and instructed her to follow him into the yard. Upon entering the yard the old man asked the little girl to go with him into a hut where he ordered her to strip and had unprotected sex with her.  As he satisfied his lust Ntwaagae allegedly instructed the kid not to raise or tell anybody of the act or he would murder her.

Although he admitted to telling the child not to scream for help during the evil act or tell anybody about it de denied threatening her with death.

“I asked her not to tell but I never spoke to her about death”, said the old man who seemed remorseful and resigned to his fate.

Ntwaagae’s forced lustful act against a minor only came to light about three weeks after the incident at school during a lesson on sexual abuse when a teachers asked any child who had been subjected to sexual abuse to raise their hand. The brave little girl raised her and told of her ordeal.

The teacher reported the matter to the social worker who in turn informed the cops. Upon arrest Ntwaagae allegedly confessed his crime and recorded a confession statement before a judicial officer. The statement was produced before court and the old man agreed that it be used as evidence saying the right thumb print on it was his.

In his Judgement Magistrate Dipate said there were no extenuating circumstances and he had betrayed the trust the molested little girl had in him..

“You have committed a despicable crime and anybody who does what you have done deserves to be punished. Your case is worse because the child trusted you as a parent. That you were drunk is not an excuse. The wisdom of you age should have made you realise that what you were doing was wrong. You deserve no sympathy from this court” said Dipate before telling Ntwaagae of his right to appeal with two weeks.

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mis o

ha re bonang monnamogolo wa teng,ga a swabe”tota o kabo a kalediwa ka gore ditiro tsa gagwe di isa bagolo ba bangwe ko tlase waitse. . . .ke ipotsa gore ke eng a ne a sa robale le matagwa a mangwe rather than using ngwana,dilo tse dingwe ga di kgatlhe e le ruri”mathata!!!!


He deserve to be sentenced lyf imprisonment, nothing else. He is dangerous to our kids.Ga ke mo rate le e seng o dirile ngwana ditiro tse di botlhoko, Ngwana yo o neng a mo tshepha ele motsadi wa gagwe. Agg, nxa.


sis o deserva castration


62 years oldman penetrating his 12 years old daughter,heii!! nopa e maswe. GOD HAVE MERCY ON THIS DESTROYED PLANET


pel;o potsane mdala! ga ke gane o ka tswa o ne o ikutlwa motho, o tshwanetse go itse responsibility ya gago o le motsadi….O sebeteledi jaanong..


okare baboon….nxa,are bojalwa ke jone bo mo irileng…ntlha ke foo o kgonne go raya ngwana are a seka a kua…..mare mdala yo o sule tlhaloganyo waitse


O akela bojajwa ke se a ntseng a se plana nako e yotlhe jaanong o ipata ka bojalwa. e le gore dinako tse dingwe tse o ntseng o nwa o ne o ntse o ja batho o sa tshwarwe,ga o kabo o nole oka bo o sa apola borokgwe. Ke lona le dirang gore bojalwa bo okediwe le a tena waitse ka nopanyana ya kgadi nxa!!


thanks to the teacher


ke sebeteledi tota! are one a tagilwe, wa fosa, keo o kgona go gakologelwa gore oreile ngwana are aseka abolella ope!


moatlhodi le wena o letsogo le motlhofo thata,u could hv sentenced him to death,ppl lyk him dnt deserve oxygen. ija ha swabe hela a tagelwa mo ngwaneng boo ke ene a neng a neng a monosa,i wish they could lock u in jail n throw away that key.


o re sega tsebe ntate,,,,ke eng bogolo o ne o sa tsee mmasepoto ka ke ene a neng a go sietse khadi!!!!!!!a botshelo jwa gago bo felele in jail til o foforega meno…


Why only rape, NO defilement? O dirile melato e mebedi at the same time and 50 (12-62)years between is too much. Motho fa a nole no a sa itlhaloganyeng o a robala ga a batle morobalo.


If evry time a man gets drunk a 12 year old girl gets defiled, then were should heed the president’s appeal to do away with alcohol. In other words, the accused admits that he was not in control of his faculties when he commited the crime. Alcohol was. So if alcohol be deleted, then we could put some control on the increasing defilement scenarios. Alcohol is a bad influence on the healthy mind and is so corruptive that someone under its influence is basically a Zombi..


waitse mo ke mathata,le gonne unprotected……..old man shame on you!!!


A wa mdala one are faa re one a tagilwe go tla twe tla re mo itshwareleng? oka re o rutile ngwana ga bua obo omo betelela ore a seka a bua ore ga kake a bua? Ke eng ane asa iphakolle ka dipodi bogolo ka tsone ha di kake tsa bua. O batla rekere.

mdala u deserve life in prison u ruined her future and the ability for her to ever trust anyone ever again..she is not only affected physically but emotionally and mentally imagine the trauma.dont u give an excuse ka bojalwa because u knew exactly what u were doing.. to the teacher and the social worker please provide the girl as much counselling as possible help her to come to terms with what happened..i only fear for what this will do to her in the future. mdala u are an excuse of a parent u deserve to rot in jail


monnamogolo ke wena o tlhabisa ditlhong,i wish u rot in prison


o wa tsenwa monnamogolo oo..o raya gore o ka raper motho o sa ipone ka a re ne a nole..e le gore ne a sa bone gore o did he knw itwas wrong fa a raya ngwana a re a seka a ya go bolela,mxxm o tlhabisa ditlhong!!!


Ao.. monnamogolo ke wena ele gore o santse o tsogelwa o thabisa dithong mo ngwaneng, i wish u rot in jail.


Tlhako ya morago e gata faya pele e gateleng teng. Ao raya gore bana ba gagwe ba tsoge ba dira sea se dirileng?


no ways this is an act of the devil,ole monna lole kana gaoitse go itshwara kana keeng one o sa tshamikisi noga eo yagago e maswabi ,kana ngwana yoo gaaye go gola ka phuthologo, otile go palelwa le kego trusta bo malomagwe seo se dirileng u created HATE and jeopardised little girl’s mind now i sentence you TO DEATH AFTER YOUR YOU FINISH YOUR 10 YEARS,YOU MAY NOW ENJOY THE JAIL LIFE ,ALL ARISE AND THANK YOU


Kgaolan selo seo dithekgwe………!!ijaaa…….ke bone baba diran gor Pres’ a o kotse d’price tsa jwalo………!!