“I sacrificed a lot to rule this country!”- Khama

Former President Ian Khama, 65, continues to dominate headlines over his increasingly messy fallout with his successor, Mokgweetsi Eric Masisi.

Khama has not hidden his frustration with Masisi. Indeed, the once media-shy ex-army general has been quick to air his concerns to the fourth estate.

This week, The Voice reporter SHARON MATHALA visited Khama at his office where SKI once again voiced his displeasure at some of the recent decisions made by Masisi’s government.

What are your thoughts on last Tuesday’s highly publicised arrest of former Spy Chief, Isaac Kgosi?

An arrest to be carried out in that way in this country is unusual.

Unless it was for someone known to be a hardened criminal, or someone who had escaped maybe custody who had committed some serious crime and there had been a period where they had been looking for this criminal and then pounce on him. The idea was to discredit and humiliate Kgosi.

But we see suspected marijuana users being paraded on Btv all the time and we have seen other high profile government officials arrested in a similar ‘humiliating,” manner during Kgosi’s time at the helm of DIS, Why should Kgosi’s arrest be any different?

People should not be treated differently in a democracy like ours. In my eyes everyone is equal.

You have never asked me before about those people you say are arrested in the glaring eyes of the media.

But don’t you think the public’s right to be kept informed far outweighs his personal interest because he held a high profile public office?

Kgosi has rights like every other citizen in this country. Why should he receive different treatment just because he is a former head of DIS? This was done precisely because he is Kgosi.

Whether you like him or not he deserves the same treatment as is given to everyone else. You are innocent until proven guilty.

Moving on, what would it take for you to reconcile with President Masisi?

It will happen when it happens. We have gone through this for 10 months and nothing has happened. Let’s hope it happens sooner than later.

You publicly declared your support for Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi. Does this mean battle lines have been drawn?

How long do you wait, it has been 10 months already. I tried my best to move this country forward, whether you agree with me or not.

Who knows what will happen in the future anyway? But the thing is we do not have too much time right now.

I am comfortable and confident that Moitoi will take this country forward.

Why does it seem like you want to rule even after your time in office is up?

I have done my time and remember that politics was not my chosen career path.

I had chosen another life for myself after the BDF and it was not politics.

Personally, I sacrificed a lot to rule this country and it’s done, it’s over! I am getting going with another life.

Wanting to rule by remote control is not my style, it’s not my way!

Do you then feel that because you sacrificed a large portion of your life to the nation, Batswana owe you something in return, were you forced to join politics?

The only thing Batswana owe me is what they owe each other and that is moving this country forward. I was not forced.

The reason I decided to join politics is because my father had always told me I should consider politics.

So when Mogae came to see me and explained the divisions that were going on in the BDP, I did not want to regret if I walked away from his request and next thing see the BDP disintegrate – I would feel a bit responsible!

But did you enjoy your time in politics?

No I did not! What I enjoyed most is when I was a part of government that helped come up with policies that changed Batswana’s lives.

But the rough and tumble of party politics is very negative; people tearing themselves apart is the kind of negativity I did not like.

Do you have any regrets? Do you regret appointing Masisi as your predecessor for instance?

You know the answer to that question! I however do not want to dwell on what has happened in the past.

I am hoping there will be a positive outcome moving forward.

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No one speaks of how refugees are arrested by on the orders of someone at SADC just wanting to speak to someone and another refugee being arrested wanting to speak with the UNCHR who are probably not doing their job effeciently – the world has gone crazy