I was raped by another man
DISTRESSED: The victim

Sodomy victim narrates harrowing ordeal

A Friday night of drinking spiralled disastrously out of control for a 30-year-old man from Kanye, who claims to have been raped by an elder man from the village.

The alleged victim insists he was brutally sodomised by 51-year-old Teisi Lesole, who he says threatened to kill him if he resisted.

The incident is said to have taken place in the early hours of Saturday morning at Lesole’s residence in Maphadikwe Settlement, where he works as a herdsman.

Narrating his ordeal to The Voice on Tuesday, the visibly shaken complainant revealed he was out drinking when he bumped into Lesole, who he knew vaguely and who asked if he could walk him (Lesole) home.

Wincing in discomfort and sporting a nasty cut on his bottom lip, sustained, he says, when he bit himself during the rape to try and block out the agonising pain, the man says Lesole then invited him to stay for supper.

After enjoying a simple meal of boiled eggs, the alleged victim says Lesole suggested he should stay the night as it was late.

“I took off my clothes and slept on his bed. He always smiled at me but I never thought he would rape me,” recalled the man, fidgeting uncomfortably at the memory.

According to the alleged victim, he fell asleep but woke up in startled horror a few hours later to find the older man fondling him.

He says Lesole threatened to murder him when he tried to halt ‘the strong herdsman’s’ sexual advances.

“Lesole applied the petroleum jelly on his penis and smeared it on my behind then forced himself on me, ordering that I should lie on my stomach.

“It was too painful; he was using a torch phone to light me from behind on his bed,” he narrated quietly, staring forlornly at the ground when he adds that Lesole did not use a condom.

The shocked man says the suspect further threatened to chase him from the village if he dared report the incident to anyone.

Unable to contain his anger any longer, the ‘victim’s’ 84-year-old father interrupts his son’s tale of anguish to say, “Lesole deserves life imprisonment, where he will die suffering! He long told young men in the village that they are beautiful, I never saw it coming.”

Commenting on the alleged sodomy, a neighbour to the family, 69-year-old Tsholofelo Ramontshonyana said it was her first time to hear of a man being raped by another man.

“I swear by my late father’s name, I never thought this can happen,” she said, shaking her head in disbelief.

Meanwhile, Station Commander for Lobatse police, Superintendent Photsanyana Mogatsaseno confirmed that a case has been opened against Lesole.

“The incident was reported on Saturday early morning around 3am. The suspect appeared before Lobatse court on Tuesday charged with rape,” she said, adding that police were waiting on results from the forensic lab before the case continues.

Mogatsaseno further revealed that the suspect will return to court in two weeks and has been released on bail after being detained for two days.

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