Baby mama drama
Baby mama drama

I have dark patches on my face and lighter patches on my left hand; what is the solution for that?


Hello. You need to find a skin doctor i.e. a Dermatologist who will first investigate the cause of your skin conditiion, and then be able to give you the correct treatment.

I don’t know where you’re writing to me from, but you can try to find a dermatologist near you…or go to a health clinic near you and talk to the doctor there about it.

S/he will refer you to a dermatologist either at Princess Marina Hospital or the nearest one to where you are. I found two names of Dermatologists, both in Gaborone.

Dr. Deny Estrada of Karong Clinics, 3911529, 73352280. or you can contact Didi Motsepe who is a Dermatologist at Bokamoso.

Gaborone Private Hospital also has Dermatologists. Good luck.

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