“I lived life like that of a President”

Tops bows out

This disease took all my money. I even stopped paying medical aid because they could not help me.

I spent millions in doctors bills.

I cannot do it anymore.

These are the last words of 59 year old veteran music promoter Mosupi Masole famously known as Tops as he resigns from the entertainment industry.

Tops hosted a media briefing this past Monday to officially announce that he is retiring from the entertainment business.

Musicians and promoters filled the room as they took turns to describe their hilarious moments and relationship with the man.

Voice Entertainment caught up with Tops on the sidelines of the event and went down memory lane of how his journey in the music business began.

The interview gets a bit emotional when he now speaks of all the money he lost because of his condition.

“I grew up in what you call sepoto but we used to call it ko Hoteleng so I have always been exposed to the night life, to music and business. After completing my JC I then joined the army when unfortunately my father’s business was burnt to ashes,” Tops said.

Tops was to later build an empire, an empire that would according to him see him ‘live like a President’.

“I started with a bar in Francistown called Tops bar. It was big, so big that I opened another two more in a space of a year. I closed another one in Matshelagabedi because people were involved in accidents and all the like and people accused me of killing people,” Tops shared.

After marrying the love of his life, the empire grew. “She was from Maun so I saw an opportunity there. I rented out a space which I then converted into a club. Before long I had clubs here in Gaborone, Maun, Kasane. I was working with every artists you can imagine and our strategy was to pair a local artists with an international act to capitalise on the crowd whilst still empowering locals.”

“I was living like a President. I had all the money to buy want I wanted, ate what I wanted and did what I wanted at any time,” Tops explained.

Unfortunately the disease kicked in. “You see, my father died because of obesity, so this is some generational curse. I can tell you that I have spent millions. There was a time doctors said I was going to die because my kidneys were giving up, my heart had given up.”

Tops further shared how he would spend months in hospital and after losing his wife to an untimely death things began to crumble.

“As things worsened and meeting different doctors, I was introduced to some doctors in Cuba who basically gave me my life back. I was pronounced dead, but in Cuba, after they were done with me the doctors told me to go and live life, and it was been about six years now,” Tops said.

Tops finally decided to hang up his shows in active music business because he no longer has the energy.

He says he will now focus on farming as he celebrates his 60th birthday soon.

There will be a massive party scheduled for June 6th.

“I have run my race, it is time. I have helped so many artists but now that I am down none of them except Vee and La-timmy have come to assist but it is ok,” he said.