Tribalism drives CLLR to leave BDP

A Mogoditshane councillor who recently turned his back on Botswana Democratic Party to join the main opposition Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) says he left the ruling party due to tribalism which he claimed was rife in the party.

The Mogoditshane Central South councillor Michael Mathame who joined the UDC train under the Botswana Movement Democracy (BMD) ticket, said tribalism was at the heart of his resignation despite the constitution of Botswana describing everyone as a Motswana.

“In this constituency and within the BDP there is a lot of tribalism to a point where someone in the committee can just stand and say people from outside Mogoditshane must not stand for elections at the expense of those who were born here. As if it’s not enough when you win they choose not to work with you and are not ashamed to tell you to your face that they do not want you,” claimed Mathame.

Mathame who was welcomed into the party by UDC leadership, amongst them the party President and Vice President Duma Boko and Ndaba Gaolatlhe respectively further accused members of the BDP in Mogoditshane for lack of respect for their leaders.

Mathame who strongly believes that he will be able to serve his constituents better while at the UDC told the Voice that the BDP leadership, including President Khama was aware of tribalism at their district.

Member of Parliament for Mogoditshane Sedirwa Kgoroba encouraged members of the UDC to treat Mathame and everyone who defects to their party equally.

He described Mathame as the only man who threatened his victory ahead of the 2014 election.

“Now that he is here, together we will be unstoppable and we will make sure that Batswana get better living conditions. We will give every child dignity and not treat them like animals,” Kgoroba stressed.

The BDP recently lost two other councilors to the opposition in Good Hope-Mabule and Tswapong respectively.

Tribalism issues in Mogoditshane are not new, as the BCPYL President Macdonald Rakgare has also in the past raised concern about it.

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