MERCIFUL: Ramaditse
MERCIFUL: Ramaditse


The Francistown mother whose two children were stabbed to death last February has said that she has forgiven her boyfriend and the children’s father accused of their murder.

Sentho Ramaditse, 24, declared that she is still in love with the man on trial for her children’s brutal murder.

“This guy is still my boyfriend. Nothing can break our relationship,” she said in a dramatic and exclusive interview.

Thebe Ndjavera (22), appeared at the Francistown magistrates’ court for a mention last Monday, but his case was postponed for a third time awaiting psychiatric reports.

The trial has attracted massive public interest as curious onlookers speculate on the accused’s mental health and his motives for the crime.

Concerned over what she called the ‘negative reports’ being published in the media and the amount of attention the story has attracted, Ramaditse appealed to the press and the public to leave her and her boyfriend alone.

“What I want now, I want this to let go. God will give me resolution,” she said adding that she just wants to forget about what has happened.

“How can I forget that my kids are not there?” she asked, adding that she wanted her children to rest in peace. She said members of the public should stop talking about things that they did not know.

“It is not their business to talk about. That’s my life – not theirs, my life is private. But even if they can say what they want, it will not separate us,” she said.

Describing Ndjavera as kind and easy-going, she spoke of him as a loving boyfriend and father who loved his children.

When it was put to her that people would find it hard to understand how she could still love the man accused of killing her children, Ramaditse replied: “Even if they can ask that, only God can answer me.

God is the one who will judge him. I have forgiven him for what he did. God is the one who gave me those children and only He is the one who has taken them away.”

Ramaditse, who is pregnant with Ndjavera’s third child, said she has forgiven her boyfriend because she is a Christian and staunch member of the Roman Catholic Church.

Although she has paid him regular visits in prison, she said she has not discussed what his motives were for killing their children.

ACCUSED:  Thebe Ndjavera
ACCUSED: Thebe Ndjave

She said she would ask him when “the right time comes.”

Talking about how she is coping with her situation and the support she was getting, Ramaditse replied:

“In fact I do not have friends. Thebe and my family were my friends. I spend most of my time indoors, reading the Bible. I get strength from the Bible. I am leaving everything to God.”

Asked if she would live with Ndjavera should he be granted bail as he has requested, Ramaditse said it would depended on the situation.

“I am carrying his child. How can I just forget about him when I am carrying his kid?” she added.

The two have known each other since childhood and started dating in 2006 when they were at school.

Ramaditse could not be drawn into discussing her boyfriend’s mental status. She like the court is awaiting the results of the psychiatric assessment.

In court last Monday Magistrate Sijabuliso Siziba gave the prosecution one last chance to present the report.

With or without the psychiatric report, the magistrate said that court would decide on the accused person’s bail application at the next hearing in two weeks time.



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Mxm a seso banna kgarebe ya mogolo.


khwee…se ke meleko! Ditlhare tsa Hare yo, di a bereka. are o mo ichwarela mohloho hela jaana. Magtag, modimo o go thuse sisi


mo gongwe ga ke itse gr nka go bitsa ke re motho o rileng tota ke gone fela gotwe ke se seso o sule a ntse a tshela o mmolaetse bana go rona eng gr a mmolaye le ene a kgonne go bolaya madi a gagwe a eseng a gagwe one go tla pala eng.Basadi e tsoseng se bipeng dilo ka mabele. how can u hurt urself wth useless man lyk dat murder. how can u cry 4 a murder rather than crying 4 ur lyf. U were born single nt knwing that murder ur lyf is nt attached 2… Read more »

Pharra Phatshwa

nna ke akanya gore fela jaaka mmolai yo, mosetsana a le ene a ye go tlhatlhobelwa tlhaloganyo, full stop

ub student

just like that????????????? i cnt ..go thelele ..o go jesitse eng heh rre yoo..kana o buiswa ke gr o imile yo mongwe ngwana..a killer and u still call him love..yessirs wa toronkong seso seo..kana le a lowana

Thuso Oscar

This girl must see a psychiatrist. Go lebega ene le boyfriend ba sa itekanela sentle mo tlhogong.


Ngwanyana yo o a lwala le ene. In the bible David and Job mourned their children. Wena o soo mang o itshwarelang motho a bolaile bana? O a tlhanya jou bloody hell.If released on bail, he is going to kill you with his third baby.


Heelang. A ngwanyana yo are o itsharela motho a bolaile bana, tota a eseng gore bane ba dumalane?

kgalalelo sasebola

Mosetsana yoo betsho ona le mathata fa kelibile dingwaga tsa gagwe ga a ithaloganye omo lefifing fa eseng jalo bane barerisantse go dira seo

kutlwano ikalafeng

go na le mathata golo fa nd i u get th gist of the story u wil be shock,allegation are ther in town nd according to rumours this boy had a bad attitude


i think she is up to something,she cant just forgive that guy like that no man,i think a isiwe lobatse le ene,basadi emang ka dinao


“Members of the public should stop talking about things that they did not know” (statement se se mpelaetsa gore ba dumalane go hokotsa palo ya bana)

“It is not their business to talk about. That’s my life – not theirs, my life is private. But even if they can say what they want, it will not separate us,” (se se dira gore ke belaele gore ko godimo gaa tsoga)

Ga ke gane gatwe forgiv an forget but the situation e tshwanan e ke a gana. Ths woman o thoka thuso.


@Mose ke dumalana le wena mosadi yo o itse sengwe ka bana ba gagwe otherwise o ne a ka se itshwarele mosimane yo motlhogo fela jalo,nnyaa batho le fa gotwe lorato ke a gana,,,le fa e le dikgwedi e se dikgwedi bana ba tlhokafetse,she should be mournin her kids’death eseng dilo tse a di buang tseo,kna ba go dira dipheko ka bne


Seriously this lady o tlhoka go chekwa boko le pelo tota. She is not in a good state. “Nothing can separate us!” Oh… only death. O tlile go wela ko bana ba ileng teng le wena sesi.


bogolo ke eng bana ba sa isiwe ko SOS gona le go gore ba isiwe legodimong pele ga nako cos 4 sure ba ile teng kgang e salets batsad. the bible(genesis) says when th 2 get married to each other they bcom one and it continue sayn when a man marry a harlot bobeding ke diaka. bobeding ke babolai