II don't offer human sacrifice

* Accused councillor dispels muti murder rumours

* Mob attacks man for suspected child abduction

A Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Councillor who was implicated in hiring a man to abduct a child for election winning ritual murder has vehemently denied the damning allegations.

The Tsolamosese councilor on the outskirts of Francistown, Shaka Ditshuge became the talk of the town after his name was mentioned in a video clip that was widely shared and circulated on social media this week.

In the video clip, a mob descending on a man they accused of attempting to kidnap a small child can be heard asking him, “Who sent you? Who were you with?”

The frightened man replied that he travelled to Molepolole to visit Kgari Sechele and that he was given a ride by councilor Ditshuge. Although he did not mention that he was hired by the councilor to hunt for a human sacrifice for election good luck muti, the angry mob attacked him.

Explaining how his name came to be associated with rumours of muti murder, Ditshuge said that on that fateful Thursday morning, he travelled to Molepolole to attend a full council meeting and the man in the viral video, who is his neighbour asked for a ride.

“He said he was heading to the Molepolole College of Education (MCE) and I gave him a ride. Two other councillors, Ofentse Mafoko of Kumakwane and Mpopi Botite of Gabane, were with me. We dropped him off by Molepolole police station when we made a turn off to the council,” Ditshuge said

The coucillor further stated that he was shocked the following day when he was bombarded by messages and calls from people asking about his involvement in an alleged attempted child abduction for human sacrifices purposes.

“The whole weekend people were asking me questions. It must be known that I don’t believe in the barbaric rtual of offering human sacrifices. On Monday I went to the police to inquire about the matter and I was told that there was an incident whereby the man I gave a lift to had touched a random child on the streets and asked why he was not in school, and the child screamed and told his mother that the man was trying to steal him,” Said Ditshuge

Apparently in a state of panic, the mother of the child screamed for help and the man was attacked by a mob that accused him of trying to abduct the child for ritual killings.

Commenting on the incident, Police Public relation’s officer, Near Bagali explained in an interview that the police had launched a search for culprits who participated in the mob justice.

“The mob caught and assaulted someone over unsubstantiated allegations. We are going to arrest those culprits because justice has to be done. We are not going to tolerate mob justice. People must understand that if someone is suspected to have committed a crime, they have to be handed over to the police so that the wheels of justice can be set in motion,” said Bagali.

Meanwhile the man who fell victim to mob justice has been identified as a local pharmacist who struggled with mental illness to a point where he had to quit work to be taken care of by his family.

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