I have done my part-Batshu

Member of Parliament for Nkange Constituency Edwin Batshu has confirmed that he will be leaving politics in 2019 when he steps down as the Ministry of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs.

Though proud of his achievements during his time in office, Batshu has attested to challenges that have plagued his Ministerial tenure that is more likely to tarnish his image and discredit him amongst the Nkange constituents.

The Minister confirmed this in an interview with The Voice in his office on Tuesday.

The Voice was making a follow up on an update meeting the MP had with his Gaborone based constituents last week Saturday.

Some of the problems he outlined were those of infrastructure such as the depleted Maitengwe Well-fields resulting in grim water supply, lacking administration blocks for seven primary schools in the region, the appalling state of roads, lack of banking facilities and a revenue office amongst others.

He noted that perhaps one of the most pressing of all the situations is the provision of a new primary hospital and staff housing that has delayed the transfer of close to 200 civil servants into the constituency.

“These pending transfers mean that service provision is adversely affected,” he said.

The MP also highlighted that the developments were long overdue as most of the projects could have been implemented in the National Development Plan 10 (NDP10), such as the reconstruction of the Tutume-Maitengwe road as well as two roads that lead into Changate and Dagwi villages.

He also noted that there is a critical need for electricity expansion at Makuta and Sabasi Villages, which he said were growing at a rapid rate.

Another major concern for Batshu was lack of banking facilities in the region.

He told this publication that there is only one financial service provider for the whole region with one branch and Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

“There is great potential for banking institutions in the region and I implore banks to consider opening branches and bringing ATMs to ease congestion on the already burdened single one,” he said.

Batshu was however happy to note that work on the new Maitengwe Police Station, which will be equipped with 65 staff houses, has begun and will be completed soon.

He also expressed gladness at the prospect of Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC) building 50 staff houses to aid in alleviating the dire need for accommodation by civil servants in the constituency.

“A lot more still needs to get done,” he said, almost as an afterthought.

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