A man accused of killing his friend last Monday, told Magistrate Lindiwe Mokgoro of Village Magistrates court that the murder was an accident.

Court heard that on the 8th of February at Mmopane Village, following an argument, Previous Tshuma (26), pushed Boyki Moyo who hit the back of his head against a brick and died.

State Prosecutor, Inspector Galekhutle Mashumba, told court that the matter was still fresh and that they had not completed registering statements from possible witnesses.

He said the accused person is a flight risk as he does not have valid travel documents.

Mashumba said the Investigating Officer was still waiting for the pathologist’s report to determine the cause of death.

“Tempers of the deceased’s relatives are still high so we fear that they might take the law into their hands in case the accused is released. We cannot trust him also because he is an illegal immigrant. We therefore apply that court further remand him,” he said.

When asked if he has anything to say Tshuma said it was not his intention to kill his friend.

The Zimbabwe national said he had been hired to paint a house in Bokaa with Moyo and that the owner of the house had promised to pay them the following day.

He said days passed and Moyo thought he was paid and did not want to give him his share.

“He came to my house demanding his payment. I told him the lady hasn’t paid yet and that we can call to confirm. He started fighting me accusing me of being a liar and I pushed him back. I even tried to save his life pouring water on to him thinking he will wake up. It was an accident,” said Tshuma.

Magistrate Mokgoro ordered that the accused person be remanded in custody to allow the police to complete their investigations.

Next mention date is the 25th of February.

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