Vice president, Slumber Tsogwane, lit the biggest Christmas tree in the country last evening at Railpark mall in Gaborone.

The humongous tree which is said to be twelve metres tall and six metres wide has 50 000 lights and took a total of four hundred people to complete and set up.

According to Limkokwing University of Creative Technology’s Public Relations officer , Mercy Rabaone Thebe, the tree was built by a team comprising of professional operation’s workers, Limkokwing staff and students as part of their corporate and social responsibility contribution.

“This continues to be a historic event, that will not only change the landscape of Railpark mall and Gaborone city, but will also transform our country as we hope that people from all walks of Botswana will take pride in coming here to take pictures as they celebrate this year’s festive season, just like in the past six years,” explained Thebe.

Further at the ceremony where some charity organizations received food hampers and Christmas goodies, the vice president, Tsogwane launched Christmas melodies album.

Tsogwane advised the nation on the importance of safety over the holidays and expressed gratitude to health and security personnel who will be working during the festive season.

“To you, nurses and doctors, cleaners and others in our hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities, I say congratulations. Your efforts are well appreciated as you stay true to your professional calling. We wish to let you know that we appreciate the sacrifices you make every year in saving lifes,” Tsogwane pointed out.

At an evening wholly dedicated to celebrate the spirit of Christmas, the Vice President also received gifts from the university which included a complete camping set and a bomber jacket with a big dragon print at the back.

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