SMART PARTNERSHIP: Dr Dingalo and Ramoroka

The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) and the Ministry of Employment, Labour Productivity and Skills Development (MELSD) entered into a collaborative partnership.

The two entities marked their partnership with a signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), and according to HRDC CEO, Dr. Raphael Dingalo, the two share a lot in common and as such says the signing of the MoU marks the consolidation of a functional relationship between the two parties.

For her part, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Pearl Ramokoka, explained that the purpose of the agreement is to enable the two parties to manage areas of common interest relating to management of skills and labour-information.

“Cooperation between MELSD and HRDC shall include sharing of labour data and indicators required by both parties; sharing of data collection and processing expertise, tools and information dissemination,” explained the P.S.

In order for the two parties to highly benefit from the MoU, a Joint Technical Committee comprising officials from both sides will be set up to facilitate it.

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