Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) this week held a workshop on Institutional Planning at Tlotlo Conference Centre in Gaborone.

The two-day event sought to facilitate discussions pertinent to aligning Botswana’s tertiary education institution’s objectives with those of the Botswana National Human Resource Development Strategy.

In an effort to keep up with the constantly evolving labor market, respective institutions need to nurture skills that are relevant to Botswana’s current industry specific needs.

The necessity of the move is best exemplified by the Government’s disinclination to sponsor certain fields of study due to specific industries being highly saturated with unemployed graduates.

Much food for thought was served at the workshop with over 18 local institutions in attendance.

Different topics were shared such as planning frameworks and developing institutional planning templates.

Having identified plans and frameworks, the roll out plan for working with institutions was then communicated in order to underline a lucid schedule for the attainment of the goals set out in the respective plans.

HRDC will provide technical support and data management in order to aid the process.

Keynote speaker and director of the supply side of the Human Resource Development Plan – Dr Ellah Matshediso, emphasised the need for adequate preparation in order for Botswana to maximise productivity in all sectors, especially ones that we should gravitate towards in a quest to diversify the economy.

As she so eloquently concluded; “Failure to plan is tantamount to planning to fail.”

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