Many people will be travelling to different parts of the country this holiday to visit families and friends.

For some it’s time to go sight -seeing in various places of attraction in the country and beyond borders while for other people it would just be time to relaxe at home.

But what will the President be doing during this President’s Day.

According to government spokesperson, Dr Jeff Ramsay, President Khama is expected to spend part of the holiday in the Central District, his home district  before returning to Gaborone for President’s Day Activities.

“And of course a President remains at all times on duty,’’ he said.

 Holiday events

A number of activities have been lined up for the President’s holiday to provide entertainment for those who will not be travelling.

Here are some of the activities lined up in various places in Gaborone that people can choose from.

Maitisong (traditional instruments) at 1700hrs

Tsholofelo Park (contemporary music) at 0900hrs

SSG Hall (drama and Comedy) at 0900hrs

SSKB ( traditional song and dance) at 1400hrs

GICC ( award ceremony) strictly by invitation at 1400hrs

Khama’s quotes

“Corruption has and continues to be the dark patch that has tainted nation states on the African continent and the developed world.”

“You cannot give what you don’t have, that is a fact.”

“My roadmap for the nation will be underpinned and characterized by the principles of Democracy, Development, Dignity and Discipline.  That they all start with the letter D is purely by coincidence. The first D, Democracy, has served our country and its people well. It is an important cornerstone of good governance and prudent economic management. Only democracy   guarantees human rights, the rule of law, accountability and basic freedoms that we have enjoyed over the years. Yet again it is President Mogae who said “we are a country with a rich democratic political tradition and something positive to demonstrate and contribute to the rest of the world”.

“Success starts with a vision, but nothing will come of it unless the follow-through is swift and only single minded pursuit of goals brings success”

“Batswana must be reminded that in democracy, the rights and freedoms of one individual end where those of other citizens begin. Freedom goes hand  in hand with responsibility”

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Discipline, Democracy, Dignity and Development