Remember last week’s article,” Is he really into you or he’s toying with you”.

The article caused a lot of noise on my side but I still stand by what I said ladies and gents, a lot of us girls act naïve and we let what’s felt in the heart blind our naked sight. Now this past Sunday I went to my friends’ cousin’s 21st birthday lunch and on our way back home we happened to bump into one of my guy friends who then took us home.

While on the way, these two guys, who were sitting in front, were talking about some girl, a girl who is apparently loaded.

Now this girl was said to have offered to pay a P3000 bill for these guys, the two guys and the others at an outing they had! Now who does this? Only a girl who thinks with her naïve heart would do this.

Now one of these guys (the love interest of the girl perhaps) went on about how he didn’t have any intention of making the girl his girlfriend but rather he didn’t wanted to lose her because she’s got money

Anyhow just like I promised you ladies, I talked to one of my guy friends, Thabang Kgosiemang who reluctantly schooled me on how to pick up if a guy is taking you for a ride. Read and learn!

1. Guys will try and make you feel guilty for avoiding them. They will come up with silly outburst and make it seem like it’s the girl’s fault. This is done so that the guy takes a break from you while he checks on another girl. We know girls weaknesses and blaming themselves is one major weakness they have when it comes to guys.

2. A guy is never too busy or tired for a girl that he genuinely likes. If the guy sees you only on Tuesday night and Saturday nights then you have to know that he’s taking you for a ride.
3. The disappearing act is guy’s favorite things, they come in and out of girls life like they please. A guy who likes you will at least call you once a day if not more.

4. Girls need to lookout for the way in which guys introduce them to their female friends. If you are with your guy and he meets one of his female friends, he’ll introduce you as his girl. If he leaves you hanging there while he talks to the female friend without introducing you then know that he’s not into you. However, most ladies feel special when a guy introduces them to his boys but really, this doesn’t mean anything!

5. Pay attention to what guys talk about. If a guy never tells you how he feels about you then know that he’s playing you. If he tells you that he likes you a lot then know that it is the truth because guys never say how they feel about a girl unless they are truly into you. If it’s always physical and never emotional then be warned.

6.  If a guy meets you at a club or any sitting similar, it’s most unlikely that he really likes you. We guys don’t take girls that we meet at parties or clubs seriously, unless we might have bumped into each other at the library or something because then I would know the other hard working part of you which is really attractive.

7. Girls feel special when they are showered with gifts every day. This can also be a bad thing, he might just be paving his way into your pants by doing this. So watch out for these, don’t  be fooled..

8. Most importantly, a guy will always call a girl he really likes after they have slept together. Immediately when he gets home he’ll make it a point he calls you no matter the time. If a guy calls you after 2/3 days or you being the first to communicate after a day then know that the was just using you


  1. Once again its a matter of a life principle, Only ladies that are so desperate for love can find themselves in a situation where they are being ripped off. When you are desperate you think using your material gains is a better way of keeping your man closer to you. Desperate people never ask “why you demand from me so much?” Usual people who show this kind of desperateness character know about someone they suspect as a threat to them for their man is not just ushering money and other gifts but guarding love. before you engage yourself know what you want challenge your man or woman, never fear love will be taken away you will see the right person.

  2. wena muna thabang, ke eng o ntsha diphiri tsa rona banna! u are a disgrace to all da men in the world. women have their own secrets nd they will never release them. ke a go bolelela ntsalaka. not one woman will tel u how to know if u r da real father of your kids. they conceal it like hell. but u my man, i just wonder wats your motive for revealing what i believe is man secret to da ladies! u told da truth, dat i do not dispute, but i think u are a big sellout!

  3. owaii, if you girls are going to take this as good advise or pointers you will be damn played. It goes far beyond the above rubbish to know that the guy is playing you. Guys can play along to get you fooled! In most cases they know all the trivial things they need to know and can play along to get you laid.Point 6 might be true, but location does not really matter

  4. Banna ba ba ithatang, ba itlotlo ga ba tshamikisi basetsana in time of this HIV/AIDS. PLAY SHOULD END. I salute you Thabang. Spread the message more and God will reward you more. Be blessed and keep well.