Having walked in international runways- from Paris, to Zimbabwe to Botswana to South Africa, and recently being signed to one of the world’s best agencies, ALUSHI MODELS in South Africa, Kaone Monamodi’s modelling career has really taken off.

Here today on SMART LIVING, to advice our upcoming and aspiring models on the world of modelling on how to make it, we picked her brains on what it entails to make it in this cutthroat industry.

Q1.What is Modelling?

Modeling is a performance that serves to promote or to advertise. Personally, modeling is my passion, my escape, my drug and all round fulfillment.

Q2. Is it better to be singed to an agency or freelance when you are starting out?

Starting up in my career I was freelancing. I did everything for myself- I was my own manager, and agent. Even though it wasn’t easy to represent myself in all the aspects I learned a lot from standing up for myself. So I appreciate that very much. Only recently I got signed to an agency, ALUSHI, which represents me. I have to say, it relieves you of other responsibilities so I will say being signed is a much better option.

Q3. How do you maintain consistency so as to keep agencies interested in you?

As models we are all different but as an individual you have to find out what works for you in the industry. What works for me as a model won’t necessarily work for the next model. So I need to focus my attention on what sells me more.

Q4. How do you make yourself stand out from a pool of thousands of (international) models?

This has been said so many times and it’s because it’s true. Being yourself, and appreciating your uniqueness. That is what sells and what is different about you, so use it. That’s your power.

Q5. What is that important hack/tip of modelling requirement one must possess?

1.Passion -it’s a very competitive industry, there are going to be tough days when all hope is gone but your passion, your love for what you do will be the only thing you holding on to .

2. Commitment- like any other job, dedication is very much vital. The desire to better yourself in your craft to do it and to do it well.

3. Patience- you don’t give up when one designer doesn’t want you in their show. There are more coming. Be patient.

4. Self-love – love yourself. Appreciate yourself always.

Q6. what’s that one modelling stereotype or cliché that one has to defy all the time in the modelling industry.

That models are not intelligent or gifted, which is not true. We are educated and ambitious people, who work hard at what we do. It makes no sense to judge us from our chosen work and conclude that we are not smart. But it’s always fun proving people wrong.

Q7. Best international/ local agency to get signed?

There are actually a couple of really good agencies that are doing very well, but I think the best are IMG models and STORM models.

Q8. Your advice to aspiring models?

Advice I’d give to aspiring models is they really need to be sure that modeling is the career they want. I know it seems easy but there is actually a lot of work to it. You really need to appreciate its good times and bad. Just be passionate, and that will carry you through.


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