Hostile witness arrested
DETAINED: Larona Bosupeng

A hostile witness, Larona Bosupeng, this week learnt the hard way never to undermine customary court proceedings when Kgosi Tswina Mochudi of Mogoditshane customary court ordered that she be detained for a day for misconduct.

Bosupeng had been urged by the chief several times to speak aloud and show some seriousness when testifying in court.

The 21-year old Bosupeng was a witness on her friend, Kushata Mahube’s assault case after she was allegedly beaten up by her father’s child’s friend, Kelepile Mhutsiwa (36), while a woman he was with, poured wine on her.

Basupeng testified that on December 16, she accompanied her friend Mahube for entertainment at Botshabelo bar where Mahube found Mhutsiwa inside her father’s child car packed and questioned him why he stayed for a week with the boyfriend when he knew that he was failing to maintain his child.

“Mhutsiwa grabbed Mahube by the neck and pushed her before he started beating her up with fists and when people tried intervene he continued assaulting her,” said Bosupeng.

Earlier on when the case resumed Mhutsiwa pleaded not guilty to charges leveled against him.

Before adjourning the case, Kgosi Mochudi ordered Bosupeng to prepare to testify the following day after her prison detention.

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