We started a new semester three weeks back at the University of Botswana. Some of us are already feeling the pressure, dithuto di tseneletse jaanong. I must say, if you see yourself registered and attending lectures, you must consider yourself fit enough to fight in World War 3. Some of us put on muscle just from hustling to register, ke ntse dijeje fela. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating but the process of registering here at the university is a hustle I tell you. Quitting school seems like the best option when I think of coming here to register and again I have to do this every semester, now that’s eight times before I get my degree… jo!
The long non-moving queue, the security guards who bully us and I personally think delay us, this just disturbs me. Every time when we have to register, it’s like the University isn’t expecting us, it’s like they don’t know the capacity of the school. This tertiary institution needs to improve and deliver as the country’s highest institute of learning.
So yours truly asked the students how they feel about the registering procedure and improvements suggested and this is what they had to say.

Tswelelo Palai

Tswelelo Palai
2nd year student – Economics

“It’s very slow and you have to find an alternative. Sometimes you have to jump the line and cheat and you may find that only 15 people are assigned to help thousands of students in each faculty. One thing that bothers me the most is that you have too many people sitting in their offices having a cup of tea while students are waiting to be assisted. Another thing that bothers me about the registering period here is that you write a course and you pass it, then the next thing you don’t find it in the system. Then you have to re-write it which is just messed up.”
“Every thing should be computerized, an institution this big can not depend on labour. If you depend on labour then work will not be done, they get tired and reluctant to work to their best capabilities..”

Valentine Butale
1st year student – Business Marketing
“I find it frustrating because the whole registering thing can be made easier. There’s no organization in the university, there’s no planning at all. It’s like something new every time we register and it would be like they don’t know what to expect. During registration I had to commute from Lobatse everyday because I don’t know anyone in Gabs. UB also doesn’t stick to stipulated programme, you find that they say 1st year students register on a Monday but you end up having to come for the next 3 days. There’s no communication between administration and the students.
I think they should utilize the idea of online registration

Tshepo Tshambane

Tshepo Tshambane
1st year student – BSC
As first years, we were not prepared for this. Just getting registration papers from our different faculties took forever. There was just a lot of confusion.
We should have online registration, it’s not a new thing, most schools have this.

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you know dilo tsa UB ke mathata thats ke ne ka ipatlela spanny nna than 4years of time wasting and sometimes when you finish you dont even work and le lona la tagiwa tlhe bana ba skolo and a how can your lectures be responsible if you are irresponsible yourselves OUR President says o batla go fokotsa the drinking problems a tswale 411 thats our university depot why gone mme bana ba tsenyetswa bara mo skolong anyway this is botswana a land of wonders that shall never end sorry bo nnaana but folang line le tla reng you sweat to… Read more »

modisa lovy

re ne re re gongwe mmadikolo o tla nna sumthin special 2 convinience students if its lyk ths it means botswana still lacks simplicity technikz…y ques wen computers hv bin invented?its diffrent at NIIT evrythn z done online…dats th convinience of an IT intitution I guess


kante ele gore u guys le register jang koo?
kana rona mo nottingham is jus to sign signature fela it doesnt even take a minute