Hope for Boro

Council makes settlement a priority

Outgoing chairperson of North West District Council, Duncan Enga says he will do all in his power to ensure Boro has a functioning school before the end of his office term.

Enga, who will not contest the 2019 general elections, said, “We need about P2million to complete the school and I will do everything I can to make sure the school is constructed.

‘If anything I will approach the business community to help out. I am not going to allow the council to fail on this one!” he insisted.

Last week, The Voice reported how children from the small settlement of Boro have to walk 36 kilometres every day, passing through a wildlife-infested forest to get to and from school in Maun.

The long, dangerous walk has taken its toll on many students, some of whom have dropped out of school and decided to stay at home. Those that choose to continue, some as young as six, have to endure the marathon journey in the unforgiving heat of the North West to get education.

Describing the situation in Boro as ‘extremely saddening’, Enga said he would consider himself a failure if a school is not up-and-running in the location by the time he leaves office.

“A structure is already in place where a satellite school can be opened. But you have to remember that we will need proper accommodation for the teachers, that is all we are working on right now. It is at the top of my priorities as the leader of the council,” promised the politician, who further told The Voice that when he entered the council after the 2014 general elections, one of the main focuses of his roadmap was to see local children access basic education.

“When Mma Moitoi was the Minister of Education she shared the same vision and I made two-teacher schools a priority. These satellite schools are in rural areas and are meant to cut the distance in which students have to travel to access education,” noted Enga adding, “Boro is one such area where we want to put up such a structure!”

He further claimed the council has secured Millions of Pulas towards the development of rural schools.

“Tenders will soon be out so that by next term, satellite schools which have been on hold in our area for some time will be opened. These include Khwai, Sixaxa, Jao and Boro.”

Enga will not stand in this year’s general election after his dream of becoming a Member of Parliament was dashed when he was kicked out of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) in 2017 after defying a party caucus.

He has since joined the opposition, Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) under Botswana Congress Party (BCP) but has decided to temporarily take leave from active politics.

“Some wanted me to contest for the position (MP) under UDC, but I thought it was too early for me to do that, especially as a new member of the party. When I contest, I do that to win, not to take chances. I will make a come back. So after this term I will focus my attention on other businesses,” concluded Enga.

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