Honda fit driver runs over nephew

An 18-months boy was certified dead on arrival at Scottish Livingstone Hospital in Molepolole after his aunt ran over him by accident with a Honda Fit.

The incident occurred last week Friday around 10:30 am at Legonono ward in Molepolole.

Molepolole Police Superintendent Lebani Burns said the 45-year-old aunt was trying to park her car under a tree when the tragic accident occurred.

“The woman was not aware that her nephew had followed her outside the yard where the car was initially parked in the scorching sun before she decided to reverse it to park inside the yard under the tree. She hit the little boy with the car bumper first and then panicked and quickly reversed over her sister’s son,” said Burns.

The station commander further explained that “Unfortunately by the time the other relative discovered the incident and swiftly rushed to try to rescue the small boy, the wheels had already pressed him to the ground on a sandy soil.”

When she saw what happened the mother of the child collapsed and fainted and was rushed to the hospital.

Superintendent Burns said they were still investigating the manner to find out if it could be reckless driving or careless driving before they could issue a charge.

“I advice drivers to be vigilant especially at home, they should know about the whereabouts of children who usually obliviously play everywhere,” warned the cop.

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