Hijackers for passengers
Hijackers for passengers

Last Friday evening, the ever roving Voice cartoonist- Lesole Ntshole, was from Broadhurst in Gaborone to the bus rank in a taxi, when he overheard a conversation between the driver and passengers about the dangers of offering lift to strangers.

DRIVER: The Zimbabwean man we passed by the stop thought he could trick me, but I’ve long read his mind.

Did you notice that the moment he stopped me, he was quick to tell me he wanted a special taxi service.

He had thought I was driving alone, so he could hijack me.

SHORT-HAIRED LADY: Taxi business is risky.

Sometimes when you try to be kind to someone, especially at this hour of day, that is when you put your life in danger.

MAN IN KAKHI SHIRT: That is why I never offer lift to strangers when I’m driving alone.

Even if it’s a woman, I just pass. I never care how beautiful she is.

Hijackers would use beautiful ladies as bait.

They know most men will never pass a lady by the hiking spot.

SHORT-HAIRED LADY: It once happened to my neighbour.

He was passing by the stop at night when he saw a lady crying and claiming to have been robbed by some unknown men.

As he talked to her, some men appeared and hijacked his car.

DRIVER: Car hijacking doesn’t only happen at night these days.

A few months back, my friend was driving his taxi in the afternoon when three men approached him seeking a special service.

They promised to pay P150. On seeing that the offer was better, he told the customers in his taxi to disembark and refunded them.

Along the way one of the men threatened him with a knife.

They told him to drive to a bush where they dumped him.

He never found his taxi again.

The conversation ends as the man in khaki shirt disembarks on the way.

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