High time for parley live broadcast

Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Shaw Kgathi, this week admitted that it was high time parliament proceeding are broadcast live.

Kgathi’s sentiments followed disorderly scenes in parliament where some opposition members turned violent in what the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) termed hooliganism.

Kgathi noted that live broadcasting of parliament proceedings was essential as it could help expose bad behaviour by Members of Parliament (MPs).

He said they were concerned as the ruling party on what appears to be a trend by opposition MPs to disturb parliamentary proceedings.

“What we saw in parliament this week was very shameful and we cannot condone this unbecoming behavior. Kgoroba literally threw a bottle of water towards me and I dodge. Unfortunately it landed on the belly of the Deputy Speaker. We condemn such behavior and we are going to engage the Minister of Presidential Affairs on the issue of live broadcasts,” assured Kgathi.

Kgathi who is also the BDP Deputy Secretary General stressed that the behavior was the worst they have witnessed, adding that opposition members have had high numbers before who never behaved like the current crop.

He noted that the apparent unruly behaviour by opposition MPs was not strange as even their leader has encouraged the public to beat up police officers before.

Kgathi said he wondered what could be frustrating the opposition MPs so much that they have resorted to violence in an effort to address their issues.

“You see this things that they keep telling their electorates that they can’t do certain things that they promised them because they don’t have numbers is a thing of the past. Politics is a game of numbers and intelligence, bring numbers to the front or bring intelligent people who can make meaningful contributions to the house like Dumelang Shaleshando used to,” he lamented.

Kgathi however remained hopeful that the Leader Of Oposition, Duma Boko, would issue a statement condemning the recent behavior by MP for Mogoditshane Sedirwa Kgoroba.

For his part, the BDP Secretary General Botsalo Ntuane said parliament has been turned into a physical and verbal abuse theatre.

He said with what continues to transpire in Botswana Parliament every day, Batswana should be fearful of the members of opposition they have elected, because they are capable of inciting an uprising to government.

“This is pure political hooliganism and unfortunately it is always done by members of the opposition. They do not serve the interest of the people who have sent them to Parliament, which is why they would rather opt to keep being chased out or forcing parliament to adjourn or abandon its business,” said Ntuane.

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