Multi million pula house, exotic holidays and vintage cars land lawyer in trouble

Security agents this week tried to pounce on the Botswana Football Association (BFA) President Tebogo Sebego on allegations that he lives beyond his means. It was in vain.

Their efforts hit a snag, as the high flying lawyer was outside the country in Switzerland attending the ongoing FIFA elective congress.

Sebego attracted the attention of law enforcement officers with his lavish lifestyle of exotic overseas holidays, more than 10 expensive cars, designer clothes and a multi million Pula house in Gabane.

In an interview with Sebego who was in Zurich, Switzerland, the top legal hawk expressed shock that he was being probed for fraud and corruption by security agents.

He said he had never met anybody or received any calls from any crime busting agency.

“I hear about these investigations from the Telegraph newspaper. To this date I haven’t received a call from any of these agencies. It pains me to see people working hard to stain my name out of false allegations. My wife and I work hard to achieve every little thing we own. Hopefully I will get an opportunity to educate my accusers on the art of financial management and the power of property speculation. Truth never changes colour,” he said

Information reaching The Voice was that Sebego’s posh house in Gabane and his lifestyle of excess has raised eye brows.

The football loving lawyer married his stylish wife Tebogo-Lebotse-Sebego in 2014 in a glamorous ceremony that was held at their residence in Gabane.

It was after this wedding that many people started to ask questions about how a law firm owner was able to finance this kind of high living.

In May this year the power couple took time off to holiday in the exquisite island of Port Gland in the Seychelles and splashed photos of their treat on their facebook pages.

Although Sebego denies that he was ever questioned by the police before, sources within the Serious Crime Squad have claimed that when they queried Sebego on the source of his seemingly bottomless coffers, he said he had sold a house he owned in Namibia to finance the construction of the Gabane House.


“We are waiting for him to return from Switzerland so he can take us to Namibia to show the house he sold,” said the source.

Head of Serious Crime Squad, Senior Superintendent Richard Baraeedi is quoted in the media confirming that Sebego is being investigated for fraud.

A certain Agnes Duduzile Brook had filed a complaint with Law Society of Botswana (LSB) that Sebogo was abusing his office.

LSB found him guilty of professional misconduct and fined him P7 500.00.

Meanwhile those who claim to be in the know have alleged that Sebego’s house in Gabane and his fleet of motorbikes, vintage and modern cars, including an imported Hummer that was bought from the famous football celebrity, Didier Drogba might have been what sparked the investigation.

Sebego does not dispute that his lifestyle could be the envy of many and therefore jealousy might have been the motivation for those who reported him to the police.

Some of his colleagues in the legal fratenity also feel Sebego’s investigations are an insult as they believe he can afford a better lifestyle than the one he currently lives.

He agrees with them.

“I am living below my means if you consider the amount of work I do.” he said.

Sebego was expected back in the country this weekend.

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Can’t a man enjoy the fruits of his hard work!

kb nthoiwa

why following a righteous man when criminals are there

Sis D.

ao bathong batsadi ba rona struggle a lot by educating us to live a better life jaanong it seems like it’s an offence to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

Louis Moroka

Fela ka gore ke Motswana, ge ne ele motswa-kwa ba ka bo ba itira ba ba sa boneng sepe.

Louis Moroka

Fela ka gore ke Motswana, ge ne ele motswa-kwa ba ka bo ba itira ba ba sa boneng sepe.

Louis Moroka

Fela ka gore ke Motswana, ge ne ele motswa-kwa ba ka bo ba itira ba ba sa boneng sepe.