Serowe police have confirmed an incident in which a 32-year old Zimbabwean herdboy hanged himself at Pidixana cattlepost near Moiyabana last week.

Superintendent Molefhe Patrick Molefhe confirmed that Herbert Nyamatendedza who had been staying with his girlfriend had set a hut on fire and tried to kill his 5-year old step daughter. “It appears from our investigations that they had had some differences before the deceased eventually took his life. He had also tried to kill his stepdaughter, but the young girl managed to escape,” Supt. Molefhe said.

It is alleged that on the day of the incident Nnyamatendedza who had fought  with his girlfriend, Nnyana Sakarea (22), left her at Mabuo village and told her that he was going to the nearby Moiyabana village to look for a house to rent as their relationship had ended.

Instead of going to Moiyabana he went to the cattle-post where he was working as a herdboy.

The following day Sakarea received a call from a neighbor informing her that her boyfriend had committed suicide.

Before hanging himself, Nyamatendedza had tried to kill his stepdaughter by hanging her with a string from the rafters of a hut.

Luckily the string snapped and the young girl managed to escape.

Nyamatendedza then set one of the huts on fire and left a suicide note before he hanged himself.

The note read: “I killed myself because of my wife. I want her to enjoy her life with her boyfriends, I also killed my daughter so that she can feel the pain. Don’t take my body to Zimbabwe, kill my goats, chickens and my cattle so that people can have something to eat during our funeral. Enjoy yourself MmaMosweu I’m gone. Thank You. Herbert Nyamatendedza”.

The deceased’s family have since collected the corpse and his employers have been charged for employing a non-citizen without a work permit.

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