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Police launch manhunt for missing son of murdered Molepolole family.

The mystery of the brutal murder of three members of a Molepolole family two weeks ago has deepened with the disappearance of the only surviving member last week.

The young man, Tebogo Ramantosha, 28, vanished a week after the burial of his mother, father and younger brother who were found dead in their house, which appeared to have been broken into by burglars who got away with a Plasma TV and two cellular phones.

In the shocking incident that shook Molepolole residents to the core and sent shocking waves rippling across the country, Tebogo’s 55-year-old father, Rantuka Patrick Ramantosha, his mother 47-year-old Boingotlo Ramantosha and his 22-year-old brother, Keabetswe Ramantosha were found dead inside their house on the night of Friday 22nd June 2018.

Help find this man
ALL ALONE: Mogotsi

The three were found with their hands tied to the back and their faces covered with duct tape by Tebogo upon his return to Molepolole from his trip to Gaborone.

A source close to the incident has told of how Tebogo arrived to find the door to his family home unlocked and walked in only to be met with lifeless bodies of all three faces covered in tape and concealed with pieces of fabric. Their hands and legs were tied together with ropes.

In an effort to unravel the mystery, police in Molepolole have mounted a search for Tebogo, appealing to members of the public to report any sighting of him to the nearest police station.

Speaking to The Voice on Wednesday in an interview, Botswana Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Senior Superintendent, Near Bagali indicated that Tebogo went missing on July 5th around 1300hrs.

Ramantosha who is described as ‘coffee colored and slender’ was last seen wearing black pants, shoes, and jacket at his family home in Ntloolengwae ward, Bagali has revealed.

Meanwhile Patrick Ramontosha’s 64-year-old devasted sister, Seloka Mogotsi said she only got to know of her brother’s family’s demise through a phone call from the police.

“I found other relatives there and the police escorted us into the house where we found my brother, his wife and son’s lifeless bodies,” she said with a croaky voice, remembering that she immediately went outside the house, traumatized by the ghastly scene.

She stated that the two families from the husband and the wife’s side were still in shock, saying that “It is a horrible and painful thing to happen to any family. We can only draw comfort and solace in God who is always there for us.”

Almost like an afterthought, Mogosti revealed that she is the only remaining child of hers and Patrick’s parents after she lost 10 siblings. “It was just me and him, now he is gone,” she said, her voice cracking with emotion.

After what a long pause Mogotsi dejectedly said there was nothing more she could say and asked reporters to leave the family alone so they could grieve in peace.