Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Last Saturday afternoon, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole, was at Motimalenyora Bar in Mochudi when he eavesdropped on a conversation between some men on issues that push women into violence towards men.

MAN IN RED T-SHIRT: Guys, I have to leave. My girlfriend just called to tell me that I have visitors waiting for me at home.

MAN IN BLUE CAP: Why don’t you buy us a round of quarts before you go?

MAN IN RED T-SHIRT: I don’t have enough money, but I’ll see what to do when I get back.

MAN IN BLACK SHORTS: I hope he doesn’t get scalded with a kettle full of boiling water when her gets home.

MAN IN BLUE CAP: A woman never pours a man with boiling water unless there is a burning reason behind.

In most cases, it happens after she’s fed up with a man’s physical abuse.

MAN IN BLACK SHORTS: I guess it all depends on the type of woman she is. Some years back there was a guy I knew.

He used to go out drinking with friends and would stay till late before going back home.

One night when he returned home the wife refused to open the house for him.

He the slept in the car and the wife woke up early in the morning while he was still asleep and boiled some water and poured on him.

It was such a sorry sight and the kids cried as they watched their dad cry in pain.

MAN IN GREY SHIRT: The wife probably found out that he had been cheating all along and chose to ignore him and waited for the right moment.

MAN IN BLACK SHORTS: That is why I always sleep with the other eye open whenever I’ve had a conflict with my partner.

A lot of guys would go to a pub, then come back to sleep and relax.

Women species can be cruel sometimes, you never know what they’re planning until its too late.

MAN IN GREY SHIRT: It reminds me of a guy in Molepolole who was scalded with boiling oil.

MAN IN BLACK SHORTS: I remember the story. Last time I heard, the lady was dragged to court for the offence.

Sometimes as men, we’re just too gullible. How do you get enticed by an ex-girlfriend to have sex after you’re just barely married for a week?

The conversation ends as the man in the grey T-shirt walks into the bar to buy a round of beer.

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