Heavy K makes light work of local law

South African artist Heavy K is believed to have fled the country after Lobatse High Court issued a warrant for his arrest on Friday.

The 27-year-old House DJ was in Botswana as part of his Africa tour and was due to perform at Gaborone’s popular Block 9 joint, Bahama Lounge on Sunday evening.

However, authorities pounced on the bulky musician before he could start his set.

The nightclub’s manager, Zaine Aftermath, confirmed this in a brief interview with Voice Entertainment.

“Authorities came around 6pm and demanded to arrest and detain him. I could not allow that because I had booked him. I was afraid of the backlash from those who had come to see him,” explained Aftermath, who claimed the authorities eventually returned at around 2:30am and left with Heavy K.

However, according to sources close to the scene, the ‘Drumboss’ hit-maker and his team convinced the cops the singer was not a flight-risk and would turn himself in the following morning.

Despite their assurances, in classical fugitive style, Heavy K appears to have done a runner, reportedly returning to the safety of his homeland.

When Voice Entertainment arrived at the Hilton Garden Inn (where Heavy K was said to be lodging) on Monday morning police officers were at loggerheads with the hotel’s management.

The Police and the Deputy Sheriff demanded to be given access to the hotel rooms in order to apprehend the wanted musician.

Meanwhile, a seemingly relaxed Heavy K took to his Facebook page, posting a live video of him travelling by road back to South Africa and thanking Batswana for their support.

For his part, General Manager of Hilton Garden Inn, Evan Harrington, denied having a guest by the name of either Heavy K or Mkhululi Siqula, which is the singer’s real name.

However, Harrington admitted the South African could have been checked in by a local promoter under a different identity.

According to lawyer Tiro Sedimo, the hotel’s GM and his Security Manager could be charged with obstructing justice.

“We spent hours waiting for them and that is the time Heavy K managed to escape. We have applied that they be arrested and charged for obstruction of justice. They were impeding the ends of justice,” maintained Sedimo.

A reliable source further claimed a high-profile law officer and a well-known lawyer could also find themselves in trouble for their alleged part in the musician’s escape.

Heavy K’s trouble with the law dates back to 2017, when he was reportedly paid around P87, 000 to headline a New Year’s Eve festival in Tswapong but failed to turn up.

“He was going to jail for sure. I am sure he will raise the funds to pay back the event company but he had to get out of the country first. You must understand that South Africans are terribly afraid of Botswana’s justice system,” added the source. Efforts to reach Heavy K’s manager, known to Voice Entertainment as Amos, were futile at time of going to press as his phone rang unanswered.