‘He was killed for his blood’
MOURNING MUM: Mango Garage has vowed to find her son's killers

Dead man’s body found floating in Moshupa Dam

“They sucked out blood from his body, tied his hands with a fishing line and threw him inside the river to die.”

50-year-old Mango Garegae believes this was her son’s awful fate.

The Moshupa mum is convinced her boy, 21-year-old Menson Laone Loiti, was murdered, possibly for muti purposes, and has vowed to fight ‘tooth and nail’ to find his killers.

The young man was buried last Wednesday – a huge question mark still hangs over his death.

Menson’s bloated, slightly scarred body was discovered on Friday 27 October, floating lifelessly in Moshupa Dam.

Three days earlier his worried mother had reported him missing after he failed to come home the previous night.

“He never sleeps out, so that really got the whole family worried,” Garegae told The Voice in an emotional interview at her home in Moshupa this week.

Garegae revealed that as she walked home after notifying the police that her son was missing, she sensed he was no longer alive.

‘He was killed for his blood’
DECEASED’S COUSIN: Kealeboga Loiti

“I kept avoiding the feeling, but part of me warned that my son will be discovered dead,” she said sadly, her grief mixed with indignant anger as she vowed to bring those responsible for Menson’s death to justice.

“His hands were tied with a fish line, my son never went fishing the whole time he was alive! I will not rest until I find his murderers,” she said, her eyes blazing with heartbroken fury and her words quivering with the devastating passion of a mother who has just lost a son.

According to the deceased’s uncle, Daniel Edison Loiti, the post-mortem result indicated that blood had been injected from Menson’s body prior to his death.

Daniel further revealed that Menson was discovered with a big bruise on his head caused by a blunt object.

Another uncle, 45-year-old Biki Loiti said his nephew had ‘died a brutal death’.

“I wish for the law to take its course. I last saw my nephew brushing his teeth the day before he was reported missing. I was called for his body at the river,” Biki said, adding that any hope he had of finding Menson alive vanished when he arrived at the river and saw police officers holding his nephew’s trousers.

The deceased’s 32-year-old cousin, Kealeboga Loiti, was also called to the river to identify Menson’s body.

Recalling the terrible moment she realised for certain that her cousin was dead, Kealeboga said, “His hat was floating on top of the water. His left ear was cut and he had blisters on his back.”

Like the rest of the family, Kealeboga, who said she was very close to Menson, is waiting for his killers to be arrested.

Meanwhile, Moshupa Station Commander, Superintendent Oteng Ngada confirmed that indeed a young man’s body was retrieved from the river two Fridays ago.

He explained that no arrest has been made concerning the ‘drowning incident’.

When asked about the allegations of blood being sucked from the deceased’s body, Ngada said that police investigations are ongoing.

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