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On Monday, Jules my friend circulated a message to friends on the net. She does, a lot, like all of us. And as always, her messages are inspiring, though sometimes she gets to be naughty and send the most hilarious.
But this one, as with the attached picture of hers in her teens, refused to leave me, so much so that when I sat to share my thoughts this week, I found myself re-reading it. It was simply entitled “trust in the wisdom of God”.
Yes dear, we should always, for anything to the contrary throws off.
Julia recalled in Genesis 37 the story of Jacob’s sons who conspired to kill their little brother Joseph. God visited one, Reuben, and asked they spare his life. They did, and instead threw him the pit.
The Bible says as they sat eating the Ishmaelites approached, and another brother, Judah wondered, “What profit is there if we kill our brother and conceal his brother? Come, let us sell him to the Ishmaelites and let not our hand be upon him, for he is our brother and our flesh.”
To think they didn’t think of that, the fact that he was their flesh and blood, first is amazing. But then when Satan visits, all goodness goes out of the window.
So yes, Joseph was sold for 20 pieces of silver and Ishmaelites who pulled him out of the pit and carried him off into Egypt, to a live of slavery.
Then Jules asks in her message; How many times have you found yourself in a deep pit of despair, feeling alone and facing problems too hard for you to resolve? A pit is a form of recession. You have more bills than income, or more bad news than good.
Oh believe you me Julia my friend, many times. I have been to hell and back on this earth. You name the torment, I know it, and I bet I am not alone. Many of us know the depth and the darkness of that pit.
Thankfully, Jules tells me, don’t worry. Whatever you are going through is the enemy’s plan, using the pit in your life to hold back your blessings.
She recalls that Joseph’s brothers were plotting to wipe him out, at that same time, by verse 25; God dispatched a team of deliverers, the Ishmaelites to come to his rescue.
“This is a great illustration of God’s sovereign wisdom and power over your life. He is a Keeper of your soul. He knows just what your pit looks like; the foreclosure, the doctor’s bad report, the loss of a loved one, a lengthy unemployment,” reads Jules’ message.
I can’t agree more. You see the Ishmaelites were not the good guys, no. There were purchasing a slave to enslave, not for his freedom. But God used them to show his power; that he can use anything or anyone to make true his plans.
Isn’t he gave Joseph those dreams, the vision, that his brother hated him so much for? So, why would he allow the little devil called jealousy and hatred to destroy the good that he planned? Not a chance. God is not easily distracted. Yes, he does allow for that moment of lapse… and just a moment, for his great plans for you, for me, have to birth, grow and mature. And during that period, the birthing and growing pains have to occur. And at the right ripe mature time, God’s vision, plan, will come to pass. Just he saw it through with Joseph, he will with you and I.
Mzalwana, if you don’t know Joseph story, find your Bible and read; you will know what I mean by a God given vision has to live. You have to live into your dream, your God planted vision.
In fact, going back to Jules’ inspiring message, she reminds us that because God created you, he “knows your purpose and destiny and the plans He has made for your life.”
Oh I love this, Jules quotes the one scripture I live by to emphasise her point. She notes that in Jeremiah 29:11 (yes I was born on November 29), God said: “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”
Yes, yes! He knows. My father’s plans for me, for you, are good. Pure. His agenda is to give you and I, his children, everlasting peace. Peace –  that soothing feeling, the one I describe as ice cream hands coupling my heart, lives in you only when all is well. And that is what God has planned for you.
So, just like Joseph, there may be interruption in your life now –sickness, unemployment, poverty, financial woes etc. Just know it is temporary. It will pass. Even Batswana of old knew that when they said, se sa feleng se a thola. That means everything has to come to an end.
So wa gamma, despair not, the storm will pass.
Yes just before the rains, the sun will scotch the earth and kill what life as we know it. And as the land stands empty, the baskets of last season’s harvest will run empty and the hunger pangs will bite. And when the rain clouds gather, the dark storms will encroach our territory and the thunder will crack. Thankfully, the storm clouds do pass, and rain clouds will gather.
It is then that the silver drops will come down, to quench the dry barren earth, so it can break up and swallow the seed. Then the seed sprout, bloom and bear fruit, and soon it will be harvesting and feasting. The promise of a dream will bear fruit.
So whatever you are going through now, know that it will pass. It is a temporary set back. Allow God to revive that that dream, so the seeds can geminate and sprout forth. Remember he is the planter of the seed, and your friend the Holly Spirit is there to water it. Let it be and be blessed as you receive what is rightfully yours.
Oh, and thanks Jules for the message. It came as the storm clouds were gathered, so I am breaking forth and relying totally on God to lift me out.

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Thanks you so much Sis pam,just wat i needed to hear. God bless you.