‘He left a 12cm swab in me!'

Woman suing doc and Bokamoso for ‘botched’ operation

A woman is suing Lenmed Private Hospital (Bokamoso) and a doctor for close to two million Pula accusing them of botching a routine operation.

Oratile Lediretse wants the hospital and the gynecologist, Daniel Abebe, to pay for the pain and trauma she endured when he allegedly left and closed a swab inside her during a December 22, 2017 operation at the said hospital.

Lediretse troubles began when she underwent an operation after suffering a miscarriage just four weeks into her pregnancy.

“After the operation, I began to experience excruciating pain in my abdominal area as well as nausea, fatigue, headache and dizziness. However, when I reported this to Dr Abebe, he accused me of being a cry baby!”

Desperate and in great pain, Lediretse said she approached Block 9 clinic, which recommended a scan.

“On the 15th February a scan was done at Extension 2 clinic in Gaborone where a swab measuring about 12 centimetres was observed inside my body at the area of operation,” Lediretse, who requested her picture be blurred, told The Voice.

She said she then phoned Dr Abebe and told him about the scan.

“At first he denied any wrong-doing but after I told him I have the scan results, he stopped arguing.”

However, she said when she asked for the swab to be removed, the doctor suggested he split the costs of the procedure with her.

“I was totally shocked to hear this because I did not put the swab in my body! How was I to foot the bill for the correction of a harm which the hospital has done?” she exclaimed angrily.

Nonetheless, the operation was carried out and the swab removed.

Lediretse was left with a P29, 617.43 bill, which she refused to pay resulting in a summons from Bokamoso’s attorneys over the amount.

However, the hospital has since distanced itself from Lediretse’s claim for damages and maintains that Dr Abebe is not under its employ.

In its memorandum of appearance to defend the lawsuit, the hospital stated that it would not be liable to, “Acts and or omissions of independent medical practitioners such as Dr Abebe.”

The hospital further denied that Dr Abbe is its employee and maintained that he was contracted as a specialist obstetrician and gynaecologist to perform Lediretse’s surgery and the treatment following the surgery.

Dr Abebe also maintains that he did not act in negligence when operating on the woman and intends to oppose the claim in court.

With the matter seemingly set for a messy, drawn-out court case, Lediretse’s health continues to suffer.

“Since December last year I have undergone three surgeries: the evacuation of the womb, the removal of the swab and subsequently another operation at Gaborone private hospital for the appendix which was affected by infections from the swab.

“I am only lucky that Collin Duncan and Associates were merciful to represent me in this case at a lower fee,” she explained gratefully.

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