He did not rape me

Victim defends rape accused in court

A 15-year-old girl, who had accused her stepfather of sexual molestation three years ago somersaulted last week during trial and told the court that it was a false accusation.

Instead of narrating in detail the alleged sexual abuse as expected, much to the court’s horror the teenager (who cannot be named for legal reasons) changed her story and spoke in glowing terms about how her stepdad was a good man and a father figure.

According to court papers filed in 2015, the 37-year-old Lesego Dennis of Francistown had sexual intercourse with her stepdaughter when she was only 12 and below the age of consent.

“I was coerced into framing my stepfather by my mother’s younger sister,” said the now 15-year-old girl who stood stoically in the witness box much to the bewilderment of the prosecution team led by Thatayaone Tshekiso.

She went on to describe her stepdad before the court as an, “innocent, sweet and loving man who played a crucial father figure role in my upbringing.”

“I visited him every weekend because he cared about me. He is too smart to force himself on a girl of my age,” the alleged rape victim further told the court, adding that she was coerced into framing the alleged suspect.

Her mother testified that she received a call while at work in the mining township of Orapa and learnt that her boyfriend had raped her daughter.

“I did not believe it at all,” said the mother, who cannot be named also to protect the identity of the alleged victim. She too like her daughter gave evidence in favor of the suspected rapist.

Asked by the magistrate if she arm-twisted the alleged rape victim to change the version of her story, she angrily retorted: “How on earth can I do that?”

The alleged rape victim’s aunt also shocked the court by corroborating the girl’s story to exonerate the suspect despite confirming that she had taken the then standard six pupil to a local clinic for general examination where it was confirmed that she had been sexually active.

Case continues late next month.

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